Wines of the Month: April 2013

This months featured wines of the month are all about food.

First up, for April, 2 long standing favourites that look set to be phased out this year, due to silly corporate accountant/decision makers in Italy. Sorry, if that sounds like someone you may be familiar with.

NOTE: These wines will be offered for a limited period starting Sunday April 15th for existing customers, then open to new customers on Monday 16th at a special price: 19% Discount off the Retail Market Price. They will be announced to existing customers first, in line with our preferred way of operating. First come first served: when the allocations are gone, that’s it. Only 30 bottles each will be allocated, so you are gonna have to be quick to get them discounted, if they interest you, unless you happen to spot them in one of our a promotional mixed cases too…

We know it’s tempting to stick with the bargains at the bottom of the market for many people, and we certainly sell more sub ¥100 wines than we do above ¥200, but we would urge you (and your friends to club together, if you like to) and have a look at the tier 2 and 3 wines which we will be naming at some point farther down the track. There are some absolute monsters in there, that many folks never get to even try. And when there’s such sweet deals as these, this is the time to take full advantage of our lousy stock control and romantic leanings.


And as if food pairing weren’t enough of a reason to make the choices I have for this months ‘Wines in the Spotlight’, consider the fact that April 17 is World Malbec Day! Yes that’s right: The 3rd, in fact. And if you need any reason to explore that grape, this could be it. More information to follow as we approach. As far as we know, there are events all over the world, but nothing in China.

I was thinking maybe a friendly venue might put us up for the night and we provide 4 or 5 or 6 different Malbecs to try out: Someone else might bring a plate of Tapas and some Tango Music.

Shown here (left to right) are Salentein’s regal Reserve Malbec, Clos de Los Siete (lauded as South Americas Greatest wine), Salentein’s everyday drinking stalwart, Portillo Malbec and the Fleschas de Los Andes’ Gran Malbec. All sturdy stuff, needing sturdy accompaniment and company. Who is up for a Malbec Bash? emails or contact forms, please.




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