Wineducation: Party Wines 1: sparkling

Wines for an instant party!

Cheese and pineapple on cocktail sticks just won’t do it any more. It’s not the 20th Century, you know.

It is time to get the party wine out. And if you are doing food too it’s quite haute cuisine to mix up some olives, tapas and cured meats.

It all looks great and is no bother, as well as being easy to match to wine. If all else fails, there are plenty of delis with top-notch munchies to die for.

friends enjoying sharing wine

There is absolutely no doubt that at a gathering of friends, Sparkling Wine is the way to go to get that special feeling going quickly. And it need not cost the Earth.

Here are some very nice bubbly suggestions to kick start the evening / afternoon / morning? (ordered by quality, price & complexity):

De Bortoli Sacred Hill Sparkling Brut Give this blind and nobody cares that it costs so little.

Price: ¥110

Zonin Prosecco-Black Bottle The world’s top selling Prosecco.

Price: ¥136

Zonin Sparkling (Spumante) Rose A crowd pleaser.

Price: ¥142

Cinzano Prosecco Elegant and layered

Price: ¥130

Taittinger Brut Reserve NV The best value Champers we can locate with regular supply and competent stature.

Price: ¥555

Laurent Perrier Champagne Brut NV The next best value Champers…

Price: ¥540

Maybe you’ll just want to try a number of different sparkling wines. If so here is a great vertical selection through tiers 1, 2 and 3:

Sparkling Taster Pack (1st & 2nd & 3rd Tier Wines)

Price: ¥900

Now, if the type of party we are talking about here is anything like the kind I seem to go to, when the fizz is all gone, the mood maturing, and no-one is going home, another stock of wines is required. The quality level (or Tier) really does depend on the event or more accurately, the guests.

You must get the right wines for the occasion or the event can turn out embarrassing or an expensive waste of money. It’s about understanding the focus of the guests: if chatting and drinking are the focus, supply lower tier wines. If the party focus includes talking about what is being drunk then go to higher tiers. For example, a ‘wine party’ requires some consideration beforehand. That’s where we can help. We make recommendations after listening to what you require.

The Wine Man

Nov 2011

Next Time: we look at themed parties.


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