2011 Wine Region of the Year: Rioja

Snooth, an online wine information site from the US has named Rioja, Spain as the 2011 wine region of the year. Which seems odd as it did it just as 2011 was ending. Perhaps a typo:  and they actually meant 2012. It would be most odd to publish any wine guide in December and mean it to be anything other than a guide for the next year.

Anyhow, this is glorious news. It is absolutely about time this region got noticed again, often overlooked. It is so particularly relevant to us in Shanghai, as French wine is over-priced here due to the hype.

Real work; real wine: Rioja

It is great to see that around the world there are other commentators spotting the same values in Italy and Spain and calling it. I’m sooo excited.

Find out why Gregory Dal Piaz thinks value, quality and consistency makes it so in his article, The power of Rioja.

We have 3 marvellous Riojas here as a part of our Spanish section.

And to celebrate I am enjoying the Rioja Vina Paceta Crianza 2006 right now! Salute!

My ‘first love’ Rioja brand and the one that started me off in 1988 on the road to loving Rioja was Campo Viejo. We don’t stock it. I don’t think it’s even in China. I wish it was.

As an update of sorts, we have  uncovered around 15 more superb Spaniards since this article was first published which have moved us from some basic Regional coverage to pretty much a National Homage to one of the food friendliest national collections around.

I also Added two cool Spanish Mixed cases last year (2012).

Spanish Sensations (Tier 1&2) 6 bottles

Spanish Secrets (Tier 1-3) 6 bottles






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