Wine Country of the Month : March 2015: Italy

March 2015


Wine Country of the Month : Italy

Italy has many closely regulated wine regions, a large growing area with variable geography and climatic influences, 1500 ‘permitted’ grape varieties and a long history of cultivation. Consequently, distinctively different wines are produced in a wide range of styles and quality levels. Generally considered an old world producer, Italian wineries have experimented with modern methods in recent decades.

There has been a move to earlier maturing, easy drinking styles in amongst the robust and long lived giants, such as Barolo. Most ‘international’ varieties are planted now; often alongside native grapes such as Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Prosecco, Barbera, Dolcetto, Cortese, Pinot Grigio, etc. Worth noting the different names used for grapes, e.g. Grenache in France is Cannonau (in Sardinia, Italy).Sella& Mosca-Terre-Rare-Carignane-del-Sulcis

European economic woes have been doing and are continuing to do overseas consumers (such as ourselves) some big favours and real bargains abound.

Few countries offer the vast range and sheer variety, versatility, food friendliness, romance, styles, integrity and innovation as Italy does. And then there’s the quality… and also the values… 

On any one of those ‘metrics’ above, Italy has to rank right up there (at least level, surely) with the best wine producing nations anywhere.

However, when we consider that no other nations seem to match up pio-cesare-muscato-d'astion more than a couple of those measures; which Italy does in spades and at very attractive prices, our favourite wine country must be regarded as a world leader.

And it’s why we love Italy’s true cornucopia of wines: So many regions, so many grape varieties, so much history, so many flavours, styles. We offer over 150 Italian options, which probably is the biggest range in SH, and it’s still not a dent in term of breadth and depth.

Over the winter we have been undertaking the most extensive product testing in our 4 year history. Of the 100 new wines we tested, the 50 we felt confident about are being added to our site right now. Many of those drafted are being assimilated into redesigned and new mixed cases options. Of those 50 wines, 20 are Italians. That says a lot about us putting our money where our mouth is.Rosso Icario Tuscany 285x72

And that’s why we have made Italy our inaugural Wine Country of the month for 2015, and why not!

After this eulogy, it’s going to very, very hard to come up with another wine country to take over the reigns next time… Talk about making a rod for one’s own back!

You can jump to a representative selection of what represents Italy’s range here. ♥   ♥


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