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Price: ¥2,500

We created a mixed case of our most popular wines to take the guesswork out of restocking the ‘regular tipple’. We deliver the Standard Monthly 12 to you each month unless you opt out. At ~20% discount off the market price, it’s great value.

The initial cost covers 2 months (so that subsequent COD payments are 1 month in advance). See below for full details.

Here is the product list for the Standard 12. Click on a title for more information.

1x Bodegas Alina Emblema Cabernet Sauvignon

Having tasted this for the first time in December ’11, it got onto our website without hesitation. It is staggeringly good for very little cost.

Vivid ruby colour. Exquisite aroma of forest berries and spices on a rich background of leather and liquorice. Palate characterised by sweet healthy tannins from the fruit and the vegetal nuances typical of this variety.

It’s even better after being open a while; unusually so, for a wine of such a low price point. My every day red wine of choice at the moment (January 2012). UPDATE: Now our top selling red, I spotted Emblema Cab on a Chinese website (March 2012) for ¥98 a bottle, brilliantly on ‘offer’, down from ¥135, and in a shop for ¥110 (November 2012). Criminal.

1x Callia Alta Syrah/Malbec

Tasting Intense violet wine with ruby tints. It is a wine of great aromatic intensity. Its prevailing penetrating and vigorous notes are ripe blackberries, plums and figs, which, together with their sweet tannins and balanced acidity, render a full-bodied wine with a long finish.

We sell a lot of this wine. I don’t think it is possible to find a trustier everyday glugging wine that can be enjoyed by lovers of both Old and New World styles. Since its introduction late spring 2011, it has quickly has become our 2nd top selling red wine. (March 2013: no. 1 top selling red wine).

Food Matching: Perfect with pasta in rich sauce.

Note: Won 2nd place in a Shanghai tasting competition for sub RMB100 wines. Callia is a winery to watch.

1x B.P. Rothschild Mapu Red (Cab Sauv / Carmenere)

This wine is very refined for such a LOW price point. it is a masterful blend of 3 southern grape favourites; Syrah, Grenache Noir and Mourvedre from the very southern Rhone Valley offering an:

ample, rich and fruity nose with aromas of liquorice and cassis which tumbles into elegant tannins with a beautiful balanced, long finish.
Food Matching: Ideal for red meats, meat in sauces & white meat & cheese.
Scored 87/100 in the Wine Spectator magazine.

Between you and me, if you leave it open for 24 hours it’ll knock your socks off the next day. Or open 2 and drink 1 to see the difference.
Consistently one of our most popular red wines in winter and among French wine drinkers.

1x De Bortoli Sacred Hill Chardonnay, Multiple Awards '12, '13 & '14

The previous vintage was a gold medal winner, our top selling white wine, amazing quality for the price and a wine we drink at home every other week!

Pale straw with green hue. Zesty lemon citrus and stone fruit aromas balanced with buttery oak notes. Fruit-driven wine with crisp acid, great texture and balance on the mid palate. The subtle oak approach has given added structure to the wine without overpowering it leaving the citrus and stone fruit flavours to dominate.

1x De Bortoli Sacred Hill Shiraz Cabernet

De Bortoli have done it again. The wine is currently a silver and bronze medal winner at several wine competitions. I sampled this on Sunday night after a roast dinner (Nov 2011). I drank the entire bottle. That’s not normal for me.

They have the sweet-fruit-oak-tannic balance to perfection and not simply for a wine in this price-point. I was staggered that they can do this so effectively, time after time when I taste so much disappointment from time to time in higher priced wines. My hats go off to De Bortoli again. That’s 2 silver and a bronze from the range we stock. Not bad. They are fast on their way to getting a winery of the year award from the like of James Halliday.

Vibrant purple, deep crimson. Lifted plum and spice. Fresh fruit, berry and toasty vanillin oak. Soft, rounded tannins with good length.

1x De Bortoli Sacred Hill Sparkling Brut

Pale straw in colour. Attractive nose of strawberries and cream with citrus notes in the background. A very refreshing, easy drinking sparkling wine, with fresh fruit flavours. Delicate and creamy mouth-feel, finishing with crisp acidity.

This is our (way out ahead) top selling sparkler. So Yummy, that our friends regularly argue this is just like champagne. It is not like Champagne at all. It is far less complex. It is ten times cheaper too. There is no hype here. Just a sturdy, refreshing, dry, crispy bubbly. You can afford to drink it all the time.

We drank it all summer long and wondered why other folks dream about over-dry, over-biscuity, champagnes that cost the earth and are often plain rubbish. De Bortoli is solid from top to bottom. We love this company!

1x Miguel Torres Chile San Medin Sauvignon Blanc

This is much nearer to the French style than the New Zealand.

Light bright yellow. A fresh, floral wine with fruity body and a silken palate of great finesse. Displays intriguing notes of exotic fruits (passion fruit, grapefruit). Its silky palate is exquisitely intense, with a good acidic structure and a prolonged, joyous finish.

Food Matching: An excellent complement for shellfish, fish and seafood rice. My family had this with Rosemary Chicken tonight (Nov2011) and it was a match made in heaven.

1x Suelo Argentino Malbec mendoza

The dark purple colour and attractive blackberry nose are inviting. The taste is rich and fruity with satisfying weight and an appealing finish making this a very moreish wine.

Blending: Our little secret…shh!

When feeling particularly devilish, blend this malbec with a couple of other wines to play around. Mix it with 50:50 DeBortoli Shiraz or Cotes Du Ventoux.

All 3 blends produce different effects as all 3 other wines are very different, but the overall flexibilty is a massive boon. Purists may make faces, as if this anything resembling putting coca cola into the claret. That misses one point and is silly about another.

Winemakers would kill for the chance do do what we can do, but which some feel we shouldn’t do, in our own glasses. Blending is a skill, learned by trial and improvement. It is a good thing. Anyone can improve their wine experience and knowledge and have fun doing it. And it needn’t cost the earth.

We are not mixing Pauillac and coke.

1x Enrico Serafino Barbera D’Asti DOCG

Barbera D’Asti is a wine that displays an intense violet colour and typical perfumes of cherries. Intense and rich nose. The typical nice acidity brought by Barbera grapes creates an explosion of cherry and flowers perfumes. It never fails to impress.

Food Matching: Put it with food and you are in for an ‘experience’. Game and roast meat. Serving temperature 16-17 °C.

It hails from the same stable as the Barbaresco and Barolo above. (The latter selling in Xintiandi for ¥880 a bottle, in 2010).

Experiment with mixing this wine with Serafino Barbaresco (after a Swiss guy suggested it). Oh My Gosh – goes the vernacular. Heaven.

The Wine Man says: This is the best sub-¥150 wine in Shanghai: more refined and interesting than anything costing ¥40 to ¥60 more, from either the old or new world.

September 2013: We believe this wine will no longer be imported into SH after the current vintage is exhausted, so technically, it is a Bin End (but we have about 50 bottles).

April 2014: New 2011 Vintage tested. report to be posted soon. Early bird word: Yum Yum. Frensh and vibrant and so silky smooth.

1x Chiaro Primitivo IGT

A very welcome surprise, this wine. This wine has been on our shelves and portfolio for almost 4 years. The ghastly label does nothing to entice me in. Yet the prosecco from these guys is perfectly drinkable, some would say; a revelation (revolution?) in dryness. In terms of awareness on our own internal radar here at LWwines, Chiaro’s Primitivo fits squarely into the ‘we should have tried it earlier‘, but equally we are reminded of the ‘there’s only so many hours in the day’ adage. Plus, the label design is off-putting, isn’t it (just a little?).

Anyhow, once we took the plunge inside and under the screw cap (which is not that common in Italy, we found lots and lots of fruit and a nice touch of spice. A food wine with no requirement of such, and perfectly able to stand on it’s own.

Primitivo is, of course, a largely unknown grape, in the hierarchy of things vinous, which rather excitingly (to us anyway) also masquerades as, the mysterious, ‘clone?’ or exact DNA replica, depending on your view, of California’s flagship variety, Zinfandel. We drank it over 3 days and while we must stress it was still fine as time wore on, it was best on day 1 when it’s freshness was just so, err, attractive. 16.5pts

September 2014 update: Married this with a lovely Roast pork and vegetables dinner just last night and was very impressed again. The fruit/spice elements just right for the richly black and white peppered and apple/pear sweetened sauce.

1x Sella & Mosca La Cala DOC

La Cala is a lovely white made from Vermentino grapes on the warm island of Sardinia. Italy has a plethora of indigenous (and little known) white grape varieties that are very suited to warmer climates. The resultant wines are similar to Sauvignon Blanc and make a good alternative.

It has an intriguing green hue and an intense and fresh complex nose that belies the light structure on the palate of marine saltiness and fruit bursts. A long soft finish commands attention. If ever a wine was meant to be married to seafood La Cala is it: always ably bringing out the best in a partner dish. Serve fairly COLD at 10°C!

This wine was awarded a score of 86/100 by Robert Parker in The Wine Advocate who described it as ‘The World’s Best Wine Under $25′. He noted:

“A classic Vermentino with its soaring, perfumed aromatics and crisp, clean fruit.” Robert Parker.

Quite a statement. (and it was also reported in the Best Italian Values in 2007).

February 2013: Out of season I have been drinking quite a few whites recently. I haven’t tucked into La Cala for a while and I was struck by quite how very dry it is, and for a 2009 vintage, it still has excellent acid. It paired beautifully with Pan Fried Bream yesterday. Then, I remembered that it was the most popular white at our Winter 2010 tasting event. Who said cold weather a whites don’t mix?

September 2013: Now we have our hands on the 2012 Vintage. WOW.

1x Zonin Prosecco NV Italy, Veneto

The best selling Prosecco in the world. Not much else to say, other than…

Luminous, brilliant straw yellow. Intense, fruity, aromatic, with scents of wisteria. Extremely pleasant, with a lightly nutty finish. Food Matching: An excellent aperitif, it can also accompany dishes that are not too rich; ideal with fruit salad.

Reviews and Scores: Vintage , 87/100 , Wine Enthusiast , “A Best Buy” June 2006


All that for ¥1200 per month. On top of that you will receive FREE DELIVERY and a Free Gift Sparkling Wine Saver with your first monthly selection (while stocks last).


Free Delivery: Free delivery for all LWwines Club customers in the Shanghai Metro (Puxi) area; that’s inside the outer ring road and the enclave of Western Suburbs. Outside that area we can negotiate a good rate to cover any additional cost.

Payments: On the first visit you pay for 2 deliveries. Cash on Delivery. If you choose to drop out of the club, no payment will be made on the final delivery.

Delivery days: In the first week of the month, usually Monday or Thursday. We can leave wines and collect payment from you or your authorised receiver only, such as Ayis, Guards or Office Staff. Each month we will contact you in the week prior to confirm your requirement in the next month.

Bi-Monthly, etc? Yes, we can do alternate periods. You can have these wine club deliveries personalised to come every 2 or 3 months.

Replacements Pledge: Due to the vagaries of SH customs and the long supply chain, some wines are sometimes not available. We reserve the right to replace unavailable wines with those on our lists of similar price, value and quality; matching region, grape and producer as best we can. Under those circumstances the price will remain constant even if it costs us more money.

Other orders: Yes, it’s possible to combine your Monthly Wine club Standard 12 with another order and be delivered together. Combined orders would need about a week’s notice.

Cancellation: Cancel any time. We will make one final delivery after you cancel bringing us all square regarding the money.

Holidays: Recommence monthly deliveries after a holiday trip anytime.

For more information submit your interest in an enquiry here.

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