# WINE CLUB: 4 Noble Journeymen (Tier 1) 12 btls: ¥2100 / 2 months

WINE CLUB 4Noble Journeymen (Tier 1)

Pack Quantity:


Price: ¥2,200

Receive a solid cast of 4x tier 1 New World wines each month for ¥1050.

Please click on the wines listed below to extend/retract descriptions.

3x B.P. Rothschild Maipo Mapu Reserva Chardonnay Chile, Maipo Valley

We would have to say that the Rothschild forays into Chile have been great for the consumer. They are, in the Mapu range, producing the golden bullet wines we seek: low cost wines punching above their weight in a sturdy, consistent and agreeable way.
This review from a German website:

Beautiful (light) golden colour. Delicate fragrance with notes of citrus and tropical fruit, a hint of hazelnut. A wide rich flavour, full of ripe fruit leads to a nice round after taste. A fragrant, fresh and powerful wine.

May 2012: I thought it was elegant. Understated but very present. No oak. Just fruit, and that fruit is well balanced. Acidity is lower than one might expect, but the body is medium to full weight.

3x Miguel Torres Hemisferio Sauvignon Blanc Chile, Central Valley

Here’s a brand that I have really watched develop for a couple of years. Each vintage since 2010, more accomplished than the last. Now, at last, not only ‘delivering‘, but ‘astonishing‘ for the money.

A fresh, floral wine with a fruity body and a silken palate of great finesse. Displays intriguing notes of exotic fruits (passion fruit, grapefruit). Its silky palate is exquisitely intense, with a good acidic structure and a prolonged, joyous finish.

And to top it all, Torres supports the Chilean Patagonian wilderness. Ethics; that’s what we like!

Nov 2011: Tasting this right now, 4 days after opening, the acidity has diminished a little or the softer fruit notes have developed into a rather pretty partnership.

January 2013: This really has developed and begun to exceed the San Medin SB for expression. cheaper too…….!

3x De Bortoli Sacred Hill Shiraz Cabernet Australia, Riverina (NSW)

De Bortoli have done it again. The wine is repeatedly a silver and bronze medal winner at several wine competitions. I sampled this on Sunday night after a roast dinner (Nov 2011). I drank the entire bottle. That’s not normal for me.

Vibrant purple, deep crimson. Lifted plum and spice. Fresh fruit, berry and toasty vanillin oak. Soft, rounded tannins with good length.

They have the sweet-fruit-oak-tannic balance to perfection and not simply for a wine in this price-point. I was staggered that they can do this so effectively, time after time when I taste so much disappointment from time to time in higher priced wines. My hats go off to De Bortoli again. That’s 2 silver and a bronze from the range we stock. Not bad. They are fast on their way to getting a winery of the year award from the like of James Halliday. I just wish they made the labels a bit smarter.

3x Bodegas Alina Emblema Cabernet Sauvignon Chile, Central Valley

Having tasted this for the first time in December ’11, it got onto our website without hesitation. It is staggeringly good for very little cost.

Vivid ruby colour. Exquisite aroma of forest berries and spices on a rich background of leather and liquorice. Palate characterised by sweet healthy tannins from the fruit and the vegetal nuances typical of this variety.

It’s even better after being open a while; unusually so, for a wine of such a low price point.

My every day red wine of choice at the moment ( January 2012).

UPDATE: Emblema spotted on a Chinese website (March 2012) for ¥98 a bottle, brilliantly on ‘offer’, down from ¥135. Then in March 2014 we were told it should be retail at ¥138. Blimey, are we selling it too low a price? Ah well. That’s us.


First purchase is charged for 2 months (so that subsequent COD payments are 1 month in advance). includes FREE DELIVERY. See below for full details. Cancel Any time.

*Free Delivery: Free delivery for all LW Wine Club customers in the Shanghai (Puxi) Metro area; inside the outer ring road and the enclave of Western Suburbs. Outside that area we can negotiate a good rate to cover any additional cost.

Payments: On the first visit you pay for 2 deliveries, that’s ¥2100. Then on each subsequent delivery you pay ¥1050. Cash on Delivery accepted. If you choose to drop out of the club, no payment will be made on the final delivery.

Delivery days: In the first week of the month, usually Monday or Thursday. We can leave wines and collect payment from you or your authorised receiver only, such as Ayis, Guards or Office Staff. Each month we will contact you in the week prior to ask if you require the wines in the next month.

Bi-Monthly, etc? Yes, we can do alternate periods. You can have these wine club deliveries personalised to come every 2 or 3 months.

Replacements Pledge: Due to the vagaries of SH customs and the long supply chain, some wines are sometimes not available. We reserve the right to replace unavailable wines with those on our lists of similar price, value and quality; matching region, grape and producer as best we can, if we can. Under those circumstances the price will remain constant even if it costs us more money.

Other orders: Yes, it’s possible to combine your Monthly Wine club with another order to be delivered together. Combined orders would need about a week’s notice.

Cancellation: Cancel any time. We will make one final delivery after you cancel bringing us all square regarding the money.

Holidays: Recommence monthly deliveries after a holiday trip any time.

For more information submit your interest in an enquiry here.

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