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Why Choose Us?

We are fully independent. No gimmicks, flashing nonsense, pop-ups, unrelated ads or eternal sales pitches from us. So, both regular wine buffs and infrequent wine drinker novices choose us.

We do what we say we will do. I know: that’s a small miracle anywhere, but here in SH, doubly so. Don’t just take our word for it. Ask around. Check out all the other online sellers and retail shops in this vast city to see how they compare on service, quality & price. (Testimonials here).

Wisdom: 30 years of product knowledge tells us which are the right wines, at the right prices. It also tells us which to avoid: Bankrupt, out of date stock, counterfeits and dodgy deals are not for us. We also ignore unfathomable bulk wines, which can be literally ‘anything’. Others may operate in the murky world of fakery, misrepresentation and low quality. That’s their choice. We even talk about it in the Whines/Gripes and , in the Grapevine, which some fear tarnishes the high brow sheen of the industry. Fine by us. We choose honesty and transparency.

We care about the product and the positive experiences of our clients. It sounds simple, I know. Yet Customer Care, Product Knowledge and Product Selection often seem elusive. Service with attention to the finer details, is important to us, such as, ‘knowing what styles and price point each customer prefers’. That’s really not engaged by anyone else though life really is too short to drink bad wine.

Customers should shop around though; browse elsewhere: Keep an eye out. Then recognise for themselves, our worth. It’s a healthy way to be.

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