Santa Digna Gewurztraminer Reserve: Fair Trade

Santa Digna Gewurztraminer

The power in this particular Fair Trade Chilean wine is breathtaking (especially the 2012). Along side the predominant Gewürztraminer, there’s a dab of Riesling in the mix of this Fair Trade offering. Classic honey-and-flowers bouquet with suggestions of roses, jasmine, orange blossom. A fine, full bodied dry wine, with the luscious, tropical fruit / perfumed character of the grape varieties with plenty of acid balance. A feisty, powerhouse of a wine.

Price: ¥162

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Torres Vina Esmeralda White: Bronze Medal 2013

Torres Vina Esmeralda White

Straw colour, with a brilliant iridescent sheen. The very rich aroma, has floral and fruity highlights over a fine base of spices. There’s a fresh palate with smooth acidity. The floral and fruity notes are complemented by nuances of thyme, bay leaf and green apple. Best wine matching with Asian cuisine. Vintage 2007, 84/100, Wine Spectator.

Price: ¥179

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