Honor L’Empereur Sauternes Bordeaux 500ml

January 7, 2013
Honor L'Empereur Sauternes Bordeaux 500ml

Beautiful clear golden yellow. White candied fruit nose; appreciates decanting or ‘breathing’. Rich textures; oily, creamy, fruity, mellow, generous. Tastes of apricots, yellow peaches, candied citrus. In youth, the finish is a little brisk yet, thus foiling complete perfection. This example gets the message well and truly across, and at good value.

Price: ¥200

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M. Chapoutier Banyuls (500ml) dessert wine

December 19, 2011
M. Chapoutier Banyuls (500ml) dessert wine

Deep garnet to acacia depending on the age. Aromas of dried fruits, red fruits and cocoa, with roasted coffee appearing with the years. Very powerful, long length in mouth, the fruits and the chocolate are the major aromas of this very long ageing wine.

Price: ¥265

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Pio Cesare Moscato D’Asti: New Wine

February 27, 2015
Pio Cesare Moscato D'Asti

Me likes a bit of dessert wine and the odd sweet bubbles. And this is really quite interesting ground here. Asti is the most famous spot in Italy for Fizz.Pale yellow punctuated by elegant bubbles. This wine has an intense bouquet of fragrant fruit. A compact, round body leads to a long finish. Ideal with all sorts of desserts including fruit salads, fruit tarts, chocolate cakes and more. Lightly marinated tuna in lemon juice with bread crouton and goose liver sauce. Semi-preserved foie gras, citrus tart, chocolate cake, bresse blue cheese. (Bubbles go with everything)

Price: ¥250

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Reichsgräfin Von Medem Icewine Prädikat Rheinhessen .375L: Wine Man Pick

January 3, 2013
Reichsgräfin Von Medem Icewine

German Icewine captivates with aromas of honey, dates & figs; combined with a long lasting fruity sweetness. Enjoy this wine with matured cheeses, especially Roquefort, desserts & chocolate. Great for sharing a small glass with friends after a meal.

Price: ¥350

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