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About Us: Testimonials

About Us: Testimonials

Thank you for all these kind comments. It means a lot.

“There’s been masses of talk about fake wine in the new supermarkets on jinfeng on the community wechat yesterday , I have posted your details.”Lilah” now a powerful advocate.

“We are moving to the US. Thanks for being our Wine Man in Shanghai. Wish you good Business!” Lonneke, an ex-regular customer.

I bought some nasty wine at City Shop, that was just vinegar, so I asked for your details. Thanks, so much.” Julie, newly converted and very relieved. (That’s why we are here. TWM)

“Gary, Your selection looks good! My wine supplier is the best! ;-). Sarai, one of our happiest Belgian customers for over 4 years.

“I’ve just found my self in a crap position with the worst wine ever I’m sure it’s off (it’s not yours) and a husband out of town. Any chance you are driving around the area with 6 really amazing mixed wines in the back of your car ? Cheers Lilah” now a regular.

“THANK YOU, Soooo much your bottles of wine where very well received.” Lilah, British organiser of an event we sponsored with many many gifts and prizes.

“Hi Gary – thanks again for the wines, people are still talking about the event 🙂 Timo, Finnish citizen, after a special delivery of chilled Sparkling wines to an event where timing was critica.

“Gary stands out in the industry due to his unique and brilliant wit, combined with keen geographic prowess. He knows how to please!” Brenton, US citizen, via LinkedIn profile.

“If anyone can, the Wine Man can… Gary has a large selection of quality wines, delivers to your door throughout the Shanghai metropolis. If you are having a dinner party or foods you will be serving, Gary can make a recommendation from his selection.” Allan , UK Citizen, via LinkedIn profile.

“Gary is knowledgeable, hard working, humorous. He is honest and well liked. Having travelled extensively throughout world, Gary has a deep cultural understanding and inspires with his thought leadership. Needless to say, Gary knows more about wine than anyone else that I’ve ever come across and takes pride in providing great service.” Abby, UK Citizen, via LinkedIn profile.

“Gary is indeed THE WINEMAN in Shanghai. For the Beefsteak and Burgundy Club, Tell your friends“The Shanghailanders” we worked together on numerous occasions where Gary was able to show his ample knowledge and talents in helping us picking the right wines for the right courses. He delivered not only quality in his expertise but also the goods he provided. Great value for money wines AND expert recommendations. Wine in Shanghai? Gary is your one-stop-shop!” Alex German Citizen, via LinkedIn profile.

“I have dealt with Gary at LW wines for quite some time now. Gary and his company have always delivered fantastic product and impeccable service in every dealing we have had. He has always been quick with a recommendation and no matter what the occasion, small gatherings, large parties or just wines for our personal collection, he has always delivered the best. I would wholeheartedly recommend Gary and LW wines as a first class operation.” Brian, US Citizen, via LinkedIn profile.

“Great wine you can trust at great prices – with prompt and courteous service, what more could you ask for!” Stuart, UK Citizen, via LinkedIn profile.

“Gary, provides an outstanding service for wine supplies, and is always happy to deliver at a time convenient to us. His friendly approach makes buying wine a pleasure.” Steve UK Citizen, via LinkedIn profile.

“Hello Gary, I would like to thank you for your excellent service and wines. We will return to Germany. I wish you all the best for yourself, your family and your excellent business.” Marcus, a regular customer for 2 years.

“I would also like to thank few people who made an extra efforts to make this event successful: LW WINES who treated us throughout the event to some very nice wines.” wrote Arie Schreier, to attendees for the Hanukla party she organised.

“I do rather need to find a sponsor, and everyone (audience and cast) always agree that your wine is the best.” Fiona, organiser of Wine Sponsorship for East/West Theatre, SH (one of the Theatre company’s we have been sponsoring since 2011).

Cheers Graduated“The two wines from LWW were very well received at last weeks event!”, Alex, wines organiser of the Beefsteak & Burgundy Club (SH chapter).

“Oh, we still get the discount, do we?”, Jimbo of the UK: a rather surprised Regular Customer.
“Many thanks, (for the wines) Perhaps we will meet one day.” Howard B of the UK: Radisson Blu MD, after samples for his next wine event.
“The (Rioja) wine was a delight indeed and it was solely the venues fault not to have opened it according to my detailed instructions.” Alex of Germany: Food & Wine Connoisseur.
“Thank you most sincerely for your generosity in supporting this event. We raised in excess of 70,000RMB (probably closer to 73,000) for our nominated charity Baobei – which will enable several infants to have much needed surgery.  Thank you again for your generosity  – the bubbles were very popular!!! kind regards,” Jo of the UK: Regular customer and Charity Event Organiser @BISS.
“The Argentinian Torrontes went down really well with our corporate guests. Really very nice…” Mr. F of the UK: (my old boss), after a function at the British School of Shanghai.
“Justa quick thank you. The wine tasting with our management team was a full success and I have recommended you to my colleagues, so don´t be surprised if you get a few new Chinese customers…” Marcus of Germany: New customer Organising a wine Party at Work.
 ”Your selection of wines are fantastic.” Jayne of the UK, Italian wine lover, repeat customer.
“On behalf of all of us at Mifan Mama, our grateful thanks for supporting the fashion show last night, it was great that you came along and did your thing!  I know you were kept busy… Everyone who I have spoken to enjoyed the wine they had…” Julie of the UK: Charity event Organiser & all round Angel.
“Mwah! Thank you so much for this. You’re definitely a superstar and you can quote me!!” Julie of the UK, Regular Customer.
 ”Thanks for all your time and it was a great party! We had a great time.” Heather of the UK: Regular Customer. (client required supplied 9 different, carefully selected wines, full glass hire and myself as wine educator; complete with laminated info, charts and wine descriptors on handouts, and a mini puzzle, throughout a mammoth 7 hour Wine Party for 16 guests in a Yanlord Gardens Apartment, Pudong). Wow.
“They were great (wines). Thanks for the recommendations (wine), man.” Leonard of the US, Repeat Customer. (client needed wines in a hurry; from recommendation to armchair pleasure in 10 minutes flat)
“Everyone enjoyed the wines. Thank you. I gave out your email and website details to several people.” Anja of Germany: Repeat Customer.(96 party wines, flutes & goblets glass hire, delivery 3 days prior)
“You are the best, Wine Man!” Kathrin of Germany: Hub Customer.(same day delivery of party wines, to hit a budget and a delivery window)
“The thing about your wines, Wine Man, is they are not ‘cooked’, it’s hard to find decent wine in the supermarkets in Shanghai…your quality is way ahead. …you are consistently good, and at an amazing price.” Kien of Singapore and the UK: Hub Customer.Yadda Yadda Yoda
“Dear Wine Man, well received the wine in Wuhan, a great choice for the wedding occasion!” Christian, Bridegroom. (Advised, packaged & sent 54 bottles of red wine for a wedding party in Wuhan)
“…the Serafino Barbera D’Asti is the best wine in Shanghai for under RMB100.” Kien of Singapore and the UK: Passionate Wine Enthusiast.
“…thanks for everything! We will definitely keep you in mind moving forward. You guys did great and we were very happy with the service.” Matt of the US: Managing Director.(Corporate party, Xintiandi, Shanghai: Wines, Beer, Soft Drinks, Tapas, Hors D’oeuvres, Fridge, Free Glass hire, 4 hours of service)
“…thank you for all your help this afternoon! Everyone loved your wines. I’m really grateful to you.” Siew, of Singapore: Business Owner. (Business opening Western Suburbs, Shanghai: Sparkling, White/Red, Old/New world Wines & Free glass hire, 3 hours of service)
“Thank you all for coming and celebrating these magnificent wines so seldom found in Shanghai…. Just to let you know, most of the bottles we had on Saturday came in under 200rmb – normally in City Shop or Carrefour you”d be paying around 250-290 for the same quality of wine. The later reds we drank (Barbaresco, Barolo, Amarone) ranged between 240-400rmb per bottle. Bit more pricey, but oh, so silky :-D Sian of the UK: Hub Customer. (Private party Pudong, Shanghai: 17 different Sparkling, White & Red, Old and New world Wines carefully selected and appraised over 4.5 hours, plus me, educating. Free glasses hire)
“…thank you for coming and supporting our event. It is easy to be good hosts when you have great wine and great people who are passionate about wine. Good times: Good People: Good Wines indeed. Maybe that should be a slogan!” Kien of Singapore and the UK: Passionate Wine-Lover. (private wine tasting party: wines and glasses)
Not Sure about Yoda’s comments though.

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