# Taster Pack 1: (Tier 1&2) 12 btls

Taster Pack 1

Pack Quantity:


Price: ¥985

We have updated & redesigned & doubled the size of this pack into a neat variety of popular styles.

Now a Global Pack; already popular wines are joined by a top selling old world new world corksAussie Sparkler, a couple of interesting everyday wines, including our top selling red wines from both Italy & France, and a renowned, elegant Bronze Medal Winning Italian white.

Award winning & commended Sella & Mosca’s Vermentino ‘La Cala’ is inserted. Castillo De Manza Tempranillo replaces the deleted Ch. Lamargue. Bodegas Alina Emblema Sauvignon Blanc (our top selling white) replaces the deleted Pinot Grigio. Crowd pleaser DeBortoli Sparkling Brut replaces the Prosecco (to get the price even lower), but don’t worry: that Prosecco is available in other mixed cases…

Please click on the wines listed below to extend/retract descriptions.

2x De Bortoli Sacred Hill Sparkling Brut Australia

So Yummy, that our friends regularly argue this is just like champagne. IMHO, it is NOT like Champagne at all. It is less complex. It is ten times cheaper. There is no hype here either. Just a sturdy, refreshing, dry, crisp bubbly with an apples character.

Pale straw in colour. Attractive nose of strawberries and cream with citrus notes in the background. A very refreshing, easy drinking sparkling wine, with fresh fruit flavours. Delicate and creamy mouth-feel, finishing with crisp acidity.

Serving: don’t need to over-chill it; 10°C is fine.

You can afford to drink it all summer (and all summer long you will wonder why other folks dream about those elusive champagnes that cost the earth and are often over dry, over biscuity or plain rubbish). De Bortoli is solid from top to bottom. We love this company!

2x Sella&Mosca La Cala Vermentino Di Sardegna DOC Sardinia, Italy Bronze Medal'14

La Cala is a lovely white made from Vermentino grapes on the warm island of Sardinia. Italy has a plethora of indigenous (and little known) white grape varieties that are very suited to warmer climates. The resultant wines are similar to Sauvignon Blanc and make a good alternative.

It has an intriguing green hue and an intense and fresh complex nose that belies the light structure on the palate of marine saltiness and fruit bursts. A long soft finish commands attention. If ever a wine was meant to be married to seafood La Cala is it: always ably bringing out the best in a partner dish. Serve fairly COLD at 10°C!

February 2013: Out of season I have been drinking quite a few whites recently. I haven’t tucked into La Cala for a while and I was struck by quite how very dry it is, and for a 2009 vintage, it still has excellent acid. It paired beautifully with Pan Fried Bream yesterday. Then, I remembered that it was the most popular white at our Winter 2010 tasting event. Who said cold weather a whites don’t mix?

September 2013: Now we have our hands on the 2012 Vintage. WOW.

This wine was awarded a score of 86/100 by Robert Parker in The Wine Advocate who described it as ‘The World’s Best Wine Under $25′. He noted:

“A classic Vermentino with its soaring, perfumed aromatics and crisp, clean fruit.” Robert Parker.

Quite a statement.(and it was also reported in the Best Italian Values in 2007).

Decanter Awards 2013: Commended

2x Armand Dartois Cotes du Ventoux AOC Rhone, France

Rhone Valley reds are a beguiling mixture of styles and prices, in some ways more dizzying than their cousins in Burgundy, which at least all share a single red grape variety. Its lightness makes it easy drinking. Notice how it develops more complexity as you quaff your way through the bottle.

This unpretentious interpretation of the Grenache grape has a relatively light body with an earthy, spicy character that is typical of the French approach to Grenache within the Ventoux appellation and is naturally low in acid.

Some even cool these wines on a hot day and match it with a BBQ burger. It’s a simple fun wine with an honest rustic character. Hard to find anything French of this quality/price ratio level. Great.

Food Matching: Pair this wine with any hearty dish, pizzas, chillis and you can’t go wrong.

2x Castillo di Manza Tempranillo Spain

We love the bargains that is Spain and Italy right now. Long may it last. It’s one of the reasons we chose to specialise in Italian wines; apart from the obvious love affair with that country’s wines.

This low priced bargain is a dark purple red with an attractive violet tone. There’s a clean aroma of ripe fruits; strawberry and raspberry and some pervading herbal notes. On the palate it is smooth and full bodied with soft tannins.

Castillo de Manza falls firmly under the ‘glugger’ moniker with such a price, but wait, there is something unusual about this wine.

For me, it resembles a French wine; not a Spanish. I could swear there are Cabernets Sauvignon or Franc in this blend evidenced by the herbaceous aromas and weight. It seems so French. But It is 100% Tempranillo, the grape of Rioja, Ribero Del Duero and Valdepeñas. There’s a good weight and it’s hearty disposition means this wine thrives alongside some hearty food, like roast meats and chilli and pizza.

Last October 2011 my wife exclaimed that this wine is better than Capocaccia (Our top selling red wine). It’s cheaper too.

2x Heritage De Baroncourt Vin De Pays D’Oc Rouge France

A simple fruity glugger with some complexity that suggests we are drinking at a level a little above it’s price-tag. Better than some wines twice its price (but not on our lists of course!).

Supple, well balanced and fruit-driven with lingering final notes of fruit ripeness that enhance its aromas. Spicy aromas and a blend of red berry fruits. There is a whiff of vanilla on the nose. A deep ruby colour.

Destemming, traditional fermentation with pumping over and strict temperature control. Aged in vats. Matching suggestions: Perfect match with many dishes, including barbecue, salads and cheese. Serve at: 17℃-18℃.

I saw it on Taobao or Yangjiu (before they went out of business) for ¥138 a bottle, reduced to ¥98. Still daylight robbery at that price, but it informs one of the level of quality in this wine that they though they could get away with those prices. It’s alright, we are here to redress the insatiable greed of these ‘rip off’ merchants.

2x Bodegas Alina Emblema Sauvignon Blanc Chile

The #1 top selling white at LWwines, it ‘flies off the shelves’. Quality improvements year on year, since inception are astounding.

Expect a strong fresh floral wine with an intriguing mix of exotic fruits (passion fruit, grapefruit). The full body is a silken palate and exquisitely intense, with a supportive acidic structure and a prolonged, strong finish. It’s less aromatic than a NZ, nearer to a French Sancerre. Better for a good chill.

Sept 2012: I just sank a bottle of the 2011 on my own sweet own, well chilled. An instant silent smile from this taster as we are able to uncover yet another quality wine at the entry level from the value-laden continent that is South America. Very moreish. Very fresh and very well priced. This will fly. (and it did!)

Sept 2012: Seen ‘on sale’ for ¥115 a bottle on the Chinese w/site ‘Yes my Wine’; selling there usually, they claim, for¥168. Interesting, as yes my wine has had plaudits in western media publications in SH.

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