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We ship with FREE Next Day Delivery throughout Shanghai if geographical minimum order amounts are met. Low shipping charges, based on the value of orders for 4 city zones (explained below) applied otherwise. Please select a delivery zone.

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Minimum Order values, zones & Shipping policy explained:

Minimum cart amount Shipping zone Shipping cost
¥750 Zone A ¥45
¥1,000 Zone B ¥55
¥1,250 Zone C ¥65
¥1,500 Zone D ¥75
¥1,000 Zone A ¥0
¥1,250 Zone B ¥0
¥1,500 Zone C ¥0
¥2,000 Zone D ¥0

Zone A Former French Concession and City Centre eg. East of metro lines 3 & 11 to the Huangpu River;  including Luwan, Jing ‘An, Xuhui, Huang Pu…(Shipping is ¥45. Spend ¥1000+ for Free Delivery.)

Zone B Changning/Gubei/Hongqiao eg. East of Hongqiao Airport to the Inner ring road between S20 to the North /South line formed by metro lines 3 & 11 to the Botanical Gardens;…(Shipping is ¥55. Spend ¥1250+ for Free Delivery.)

Zone C Pudong: Inside the Inner ring road and along S20…(Shipping is ¥65. Spend ¥1500+ for Free Delivery.)

Zone D Western Suburbs eg. West of Hongqiao Airport, Xu Jing, Huacao, Qibao, etc…(Shipping is ¥75. Spend ¥2000+ for Free Delivery.)

Responsible Transportation Policy

For clearer pricing, fewer Shanghai traffic journeys and doing our bit for the planet, a small delivery fee is applied on lower sized orders, which almost cover our transport costs. Fees positively influence a reduction in the number of journeys made to the same location. Of course, many customers collect from our outlets and warehouse. Please enquire if you would like to do this.

  • We do not make any money from our delivery fees (which have barely risen in 3 years despite several fuel rises and increased congestion leading to longer journey times).
  • Our zonal system reflects the true cost of transporting wine.
  • We do not incorporate a transport element into the wine price, regardless of where you are, unlike some.
  • We aim to encourage fewer, larger orders less often. This helps us to (among other things) keep wine prices lower.

From time to time we experiment with dropping fees for certain offers or time periods (eg. the whole of March and April 2013). Structuring our deliveries into particular days, etc, to aim towards better economies, has a profound positive impact on costs, and on business, so we must assume our existing customers appreciate the efforts too.

I trust our potential customers feel a kindred desire to reduce our carbon footprint. Quite frankly, if they don’t, then we don’t want to sell wine to them.

We have been known to arrive via the SH Metro, pushbikes or scooters, as well as our usual small engined BRIGHT RED low emission, fuel-efficient, locally built BYD WineManmobile.

Beyond Shanghai (Suzhou, Guangzhou, Wuhan, etc) shipping is still charged at cost (with insurance available). We use Manco for these services (a very reputable logistics firm). All deliveries have been received intact and in great condition. Please contact us before you checkout and we will deal with your requests manually ensuring the highest levels of service.

Please remember: Wine is heavy. Glass is heavy. Traffic is heavy. Wine is relatively un-perishable and looks nice and tastes better when stored gently in your home. Let’s all do our bit.

Drinking RED, Thinking Green.

The Wine Woman