Sparkling Taster Pack (Tiers 1-3) 6 btls: revamped, more flexible & REDUCED

Sparkling Taster Pack

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franceWe drink each of these lovely wines throughout the English Fizzyear. Some bubbles are opened just because its Friday night and we think we deserve it… Sometimes Fizz is just a perfect way to have a fun beginning to a meal and at other times when there’s a birthday or a special achievement to celebrate we bring out the ‘bigger guns’.Italy-national-flag

This fun selection is a brilliant way to simply have your own store for any special occasion that might present itself over the year.

It would also make for a very interesting single vertical tasting event for those who are that way inclined when it comes to bubbly and there are enough people in the group, or .

spain-flagA perfect variety of styles of bubbles from every price bracket and for every occasion.

In June 2014, Gran Bach Cava and Chiaro Prosecco joined the line-up.

NB: If ever any of these particular wines are unavailable, don’t worry; we have more than enough capable replacements, such as our  our Silver australian-falgMedal winning Chilean Santa Digna Sparkling Rosé our De Bortoli Family Selection Sparkling Brut and even Asti Spumante…for those with sweeter leanings.

Please click on the wines listed below to extend/retract descriptions.

1x Zonin Sparkling Rosé Spumante Italy, Veneto: It's dry, delicious & pink

A lightly-coloured sparkling rose with a fine, persistent & seductively delicate perlage (That means a nice ‘mousse’ or bubbles to you and me). Pleasant, intense and fruity, evoking memories of wisteria flowers and Renetta apples. (That means it smells nice too). Well-blended and delightful. On the palate it is soft and smooth with floral notes and a hint of almond. (All true!)

Food Matching: Excellent as an aperitif and an ideal accompaniment to hors d’oeuvres risottos, fragrant fried food and grilled fish. (and if memory serves, dishes with a cream sauce, shellfish, sole/halibut, salmon, tuna, Mild cheese and cream based dips).

1x Zonin Prosecco Italy, Veneto: The world's top selling Prosecco

Luminous, brilliant straw yellow. Intense, fruity, aromatic, with scents of wisteria. Extremely pleasant, with a lightly nutty finish.

Food Matching: An excellent aperitif, it can also accompany dishes that are not too rich; ideal with fruit salad.
Reviews and Scores: Vintage , 87/100 , Wine Enthusiast , “A Best Buy” June 2006

1x DeBortoli Sacred Hill Sparkling Brut Australia, Riverina: our top selling bubbles

So Yummy, that our friends regularly argue this is just like champagne. It is not like Champagne at all. It is less complex. It is ten times cheaper. There is no hype here. Just a sturdy, refreshing, dry, crisp bubbly. You can afford to drink it all summer and all summer long you will wonder why other folks dream about those elusive champagnes that cost the earth and are often over dry, over biscuity or plain rubbish. De Bortoli is solid from top to bottom. We love this company!
Tasting: Pale straw in colour. Attractive nose of strawberries and cream with citrus notes in the background. A very refreshing, easy drinking sparkling wine, with fresh fruit flavours. Delicate and creamy mouth-feel, finishing with crisp acidity.

1x Chiaro Prosecco Extra Dry Italy, Veneto

When first tested a few years back, Chiaro Prosecco seemed VERY reasonable for the price (and had those stunning design lines). Long in the shadows, it sold in bucket loads (200+ bottles in 3 years) without a dedicated web page. That says a lot about our commitment to conventional marketing (which we kinda don’t…er…do), but a lot more about how good this Prosecco actually is.

Pale light yellow colour, with fine perlage. Delicately fruity, slightly underwhelming aromatic bouquet for me (who likes big aromas of stone-fruit and green fruit) but it is well balanced with a light body and a harmonious taste. Serve fairly cold at: 8-10°C

Note: this is an Extra Dry Prosecco. Recently we bent to pressure to give this wine it’s own product page.

We laid five sparkling wines side by side and asked friends to tell us the order of cost just by the look and feel of the bottles. Every person thought it looked the most expensive. It was one was the cheapest. Dive in to discover why it’s so popular.

Proseccos are lighter and fresher, and the fruit seems always vibrant with a nice balancing acidity. That’s me; a Prosecco fan.

1x Gran Bach Cava Spain

For those unfamiliar with Vermentino (and interested in trying new varieties that aren’t Chardonnay) it is a white grape variety typical of the warm Island of Sardinia that flourishes in hot places. Sella & Mosca is now marketing this grape globally.

This wine could be described as having a seaside freshness. The saltiness of the locale is transferred to the wine producing savoury, minerally and zesty flavours similar to a French A.O.C. Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc or Pinot Grigio.

A pleasantly aromatic nose moves into a dry, fresh and lively fruit. Drunk as an aperitif or with hors d”oeuvres, seafood, fish and white meat, there’s a slightly spritzy character from what the Italians call a ‘frizzante’ or gentle sparkle.

Serve rather cold indeed: 8°C.

1x Veuve Pelletier Champagne Brut NV France, Champagne: (at last!)

This French Champagne Brut is a bright golden yellow colour, with copper tints and persistent bubbles. There is a discreet nose of sweet almond, lime and white peach notes. The palate is delicate, fresh and balanced for this light to medium body wine-style which has good toasted-biscuit from the Chardonnay and red bramble fruit intensity from the Pinot Noir grapes, respectively.

Makes for a great aperitif.

My preference is for Pinot Noir Champagnes just like this.

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