Spanish WINTER Sale: Closed



This selection of 25 wines from across 3 price tiers, is offered at big discounts. Scroll down for the rules. This offer closes on March 1st.

Serendipity has smiled on us. We have gathered together some established icons and some new gems; all from respected suppliers A number of the wines are offered at more than ¥60 below the market retail price. Those who are familiar, will know they are food friendly and still the best value from European Vineyards.

The Spanish section of our longlist has 65 wines. For this promotion, we have also looked further afield; at new regions, new producers and new varieties.

Here are the wines in the mix:

Spanish wines promotion list

Here are the rules:
This promotion is now open to EVERYONE.

  • This sale is for private buyers only: No b2b/corporate this time.
  • Orders by website contact form, email and sms only. [email protected] or 15001996047. Do NOT order at the site for the low prices specific to this offer.
  • Minimum Order: ¥2000 or 18 bottles. Cash on Delivery, only.
  • Maximum of 6 bottles of any single listed item.
  • Normal delivery rates apply. Delivery within 5 days to suit.
  • Orders exceeding ¥5000: claim any free bottle of wine in stock from us from (up to ¥250)
  • Free French Champagne: Select all 25 wines to claim 1x 750ml Veuve Pelletier (first 12 orders).
  • Other wines listed in our PDF brochure, and on the site can be mixed into the same order after the initial ¥2000 (or more) of wines selected from this list.
Top Regions:

Spanish wines regions Nov 2013

Since starting this site, 3 years ago, Spanish regions have amazingly won Wine Region of the World twice,at in 2011 with Rioja then at Wine Enthusiast Magazine with Ribera Del Duero in 2012. That’s some feat.

Note: Spain remains excellent value, & unlike some other countries (we could mention) is seldom prone to being counterfeited, smuggled or dumped. So it’s safer. Remember also, that Spanish wine laws mean the producers age the wines for us: to perfection under optimum conditions in their cellars. Lots to get excited about.

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