Serafino LIVES! The Full case option has returned



Enrico Serafino


We are re-instating the previous full line-up to this case, we thought was gone forever. We can hardly stifle our excitement.

Contrary to the news given this time last year, we can happily announce that Italy’s Enrico Serafino Piedmont wines will continue to come to China.Italy-national-flag

This is a 100% turnaround and we are very glad it has occurred, although the reasons behind that are at best, vague. It was probably just plain wrong information. Deep breath. Move on.

Price: ¥1,100

That means we can continue to enjoy the fantastic the value that comes from Serafino. No-where else can this quality be found at these stupendous price points. Just shop around: Barolo costs a fortune, everywhere else. Almost ditto, Barbaresco, though you won’t find easier drinking, less cellaring needed versions anywhere near these prices. At the time of going to writing…here are the new wines and their standard prices followed by their retail prices in brackets.

  • Glorious 2012 Gavi DOCG ¥135: (¥150)
  • Great 2012 Barbera D’Asti DOCG ¥110 (¥130) – 3 years ago touted by a customer as the best ¥100 wine in Shanghai.
  • Lovely 2011 Dolcetto D’Alba DOC ¥110 (¥130)
  • Brilliant 2009 Barbaresco DOCG 265 (¥350) and
  • Sumptuous 2008 Barolo DOCG ¥345 (¥400)

The 2012 Gavi (at the time of writing) & 2011 Dolcetto (ditto) disappeared for 12 months. Both are now back; and in fine form under new vintages. We also  have a smart new 2012 Barbera D’Asti, just as the last of the last 10 cases of the previous supply ran out. Phew!

Watch soon for us changing this case back to the familiar landscape of 1x Barolo, 2x Barbars and 3x each of Gavi, Barbers and Dolcy. A Northern Italian Fantasy Case. Just ask if you want the revised format before we change the graphics and pricing code.

In fact, some things have changed, but the Barolo remains 2008, Barbaresco remains 2009 and the prices haven’t changed one bit. Luckily for us, the greater and the good who drink EVERYTHING (and then tell us mere mortals what to buy) have announced both 2008 & 2009 to be great early drinking years meaning we don’t have to wait for them to be approachable.

So we have a slew of top drawer wines of the Piedmont region. We’ll do a special taste test shortly on the lighter 3 wines to let you know how and when we think they should be enjoyed this summer. Save the Barbar and Barolo for the autumn…unless you are not convinced its too warm yet for rich full flavoured and exotic wine.

Some Blurb:

Enrico Serafino first founded its wine making estate in 1878 and soon became one of the most outstanding producers of Piedmont region in Italy. Today we are the only retail source for this sensational producer in Shanghai and we offer these styles of important and renowned wines at a price that is unavailable anywhere else.

Enrico SerafinoTo celebrate, the first to write in after reading this can have a free bottle of Gavi or Dolcetto D’alba or Barbera D’Asti (just in time for summer) with their next Standard-Priced order, subject to our usual terms and conditions. But you’ll have to tell us you ‘love Italian wines’ and prove as much by knowing and telling us which is red and which is white out of those three.


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