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Taster Pack 2 (1st, 2nd Tier Wines)

“The Nibbles Pack”: (Tier1&2) 12 btls

Taster Pack 2 (1st, 2nd Tier Wines)

Price: ¥1,100

old world new world corksFlexible and with strength in depth. That’s what we call a powerful mix.

Old and New World combine with a distinctive range of styles, no two bottles are alike, and at great value! There are a couple of AWARD WINNERS, too.

It is difficult to believe that one or two of these wines are even in the first tier and it shows that 1st tier doesn’t mean second rate.

Some wines out there are so bad are in terms of value for money they don’t make it onto any of our tiers at all.

Every wine is different. Every wine, a new experience.

Being able to flip into these other choices is amazing too! We can easily add Valpolicella, Nero D’Avola, Soave or Aussie blends from the same producers….or even  alternate Proseccos or Malbecs too.

We just love the flexibility in these taster packs and this one is second to none! With more everyday back up wines just waiting to hop into this case, we have strength in depth; This could easily be a 24 bottle case.

Please click on the wines listed below to extend/retract descriptions. 

1x De Bortoli Sacred Hill Sparkling Brut NV Australia, Riverina

Pale straw in colour. Attractive nose of strawberries and cream with citrus notes in the background. A very refreshing, easy drinking sparkling wine, with fresh fruit flavours. Delicate and creamy mouth-feel, finishing with crisp acidity.

This is our (way out ahead) top selling sparkler. So Yummy, that our friends regularly argue this is just like champagne. It is not like Champagne at all. It is far less complex. It is ten times cheaper too. There is no hype here. Just a sturdy, refreshing, dry, crispy bubbly. You can afford to drink it all the time.

We drank it all summer long and wondered why other folks dream about over-dry, over-biscuity, champagnes that cost the earth and are often plain rubbish. De Bortoli is solid from top to bottom. We love this company!

1x Zonin Prosecco NV Italy, Veneto

The best selling Prosecco in the world. Not much else to say, other than…

Luminous, brilliant straw yellow. Intense, fruity, aromatic, with scents of wisteria. Extremely pleasant, with a lightly nutty finish. Food Matching: An excellent aperitif, it can also accompany dishes that are not too rich; ideal with fruit salad.

Reviews and Scores: Vintage , 87/100 , Wine Enthusiast , “A Best Buy” June 2006

1x Heritage de Baroncourt VDP Blanc France, Languedoc

All you really need to know is that its a low priced just off-dry glugger, best served cold. Other sources said:

Fresh clean acidity with complex aromas of exotic fruits such as mango and lychee. Well balanced and a lingering finish of mango. Ripe fruit aroma. Clear straw yellow colour. Grapes harvested at night. 100% De-stemming. Pneumatic pressing. Cold racking off the must. Fermentation in stainless steel vats with strict temperature control. Ageing in stainless steel vats.

Matching suggestions: This tantalizing white is perfect as a cocktail or matched with a variety of savoury dishes. Serve at: 8℃-10℃”

1x De Bortoli Sacred Hill Chardonnay Australia, Riverina Multiple Awards '12, '13 & '14

The previous vintage was a gold medal winner, our top selling white wine, amazing quality for the price and a wine we drink at home every other week!

Pale straw with green hue. Zesty lemon citrus and stone fruit aromas balanced with buttery oak notes. Fruit-driven wine with crisp acid, great texture and balance on the mid palate. The subtle oak approach has given added structure to the wine without overpowering it leaving the citrus and stone fruit flavours to dominate.

1x Miguel Torres San Medin Sauvignon Blanc Chile, Curico

This is much nearer to the French style than the New Zealand.

Light bright yellow. A fresh, floral wine with fruity body and a silken palate of great finesse. Displays intriguing notes of exotic fruits (passion fruit, grapefruit). Its silky palate is exquisitely intense, with a good acidic structure and a prolonged, joyous finish.

Food Matching: An excellent complement for shellfish, fish and seafood rice. My family had this with Rosemary Chicken tonight (Nov2011) and it was a match made in heaven.

1x Castelnoble Rojo Vivo Tempranillo, Spain, La Mancha

This Tempranillo is perfect if you’re looking for bold fruitiness without the more traditional oak finish. Definitely a great choice for every day wine; ideal to drink alone or pair with pastas as well as meats.

Tip: Let it breathe a few minutes (or even better, decanter it!) to really bring out a surprising amount of complexity! ESPECIALLY  for a wine in this price range.

Wine Making:  De-stemmed and lightly crushed followed by a short maceration on the skins before devatting. Fermented in stainless steel tanks with no oak aging.

Tasting Notes: Bright ruby color. Wonderful cherry and raspberry flavors  a long lingering finish.

NB** This is NOT the Rojo Vivo bottle, couldn’t seem to find a picture of it but is a similar wine from Castelnoble

1x Heritage de Baroncourt VDP Rouge France, Languedoc

A simple fruity glugger with some complexity beyond it’s price-tag. Better than some wines twice its price, but not on our lists of course. Cabernet Franc 50%, Merlot and Syrah 25% each.

Supple, well balanced and fruit-driven with lingering final notes of fruit ripeness that enhance its aromas. Spicy aromas and a blend of red berry fruits. There is a whiff of vanilla on the nose. A deep ruby colour. De-stemming. traditional fermentation with pumping over and strict temperature control. Aged in vats.

Matching suggestions: Perfect match with many dishes, including barbecue,salads and cheese. Serve at: 17℃-18℃”

1x Bodegas Alina Emblema Cabernet Sauvignon Chile, Central Valley

Having tasted this for the first time in December ’11, it got onto our website without hesitation. It is staggeringly good for very little cost.

Vivid ruby colour. Exquisite aroma of forest berries and spices on a rich background of leather and liquorice. Palate characterised by sweet healthy tannins from the fruit and the vegetal nuances typical of this variety.

It’s even better after being open a while; unusually so, for a wine of such a low price point. My every day red wine of choice at the moment (January 2012).

1x Mannenberg Shiraz, Perdberg Australia

South African Shiraz have really been stepping it up and this bottle is no exception. Reminds me more of a French Syrah; earthier with firmer tannins. If you want an Old World-style Shiraz at a very, very enticing price, this guy right here provides fantastic value.

This is one of those reds, that although fantastic when drank alone, it really shines when paired with gamey meats and BBQ.

Tasting: smooth, broad tannins punctuated with spiced red fruits, fresh fnish

1x De Bortoli Sacred Hill Shiraz Australia, Riverina

First time I came across this I was sceptical we could find a drinkable sub 100RMB Aussie Shiraz. Often they are blended with Merlot or Cabernet (or other grapes) and chucked out as part of the Great Australian Wine Glut.

Tasting: Deep red with purple hues. Combination of pepper/spice/plum fruit with chocolate/toasty oak. Full bodied, expressing rich mid palate fruit and spice with generous length of flavour. This wine is excellent with beef or lamb dishes.

De Bortoli has consistently shown that they have an ability to reach market at this price point with something eminently drinkable. It’s a revelation. Watch out for this wine achieving some accolades soon. And Riverina (the region) might get to be generally known about.

1x Portillo Salentein Malbec Argentina, Mendoza Silver Medal' 13; Bronze Medal '14

Portillo Malbec is a steady favourite among our customers and one of my personal favorites. It is also a staple of the Wine Bars we supply where the fruit forward style with supportive acidity is very welcome at this price.

It has an interesting ruby-red colour with violets tints. Wine of great structure, well-balanced acidity and long finish. The nose is rich in fruits, with reminiscences of plum, black fruits and blackberries and violets from the Uco Valley. Right from the start its tannins feel soft and pleasant, with marked roundness at the finish and a strong fruity after-taste. Perfect with pasta in rich sauce and, of course, steaks.

1x Santa Mia Merlot Chile, Central Valley

So Merlot’s don’t get much love anymore, which is a pity given that many prove to be great, easy wines to enjoy. This one is case and point. Santa Mia’s Merlot has medium body but is bold and structured, with a delicious fruitiness, finished by rounded tannins.  If you want a budget-friendly Merlot that isn’t junkie (sorry low-priced French Merlots), this is a nice wine to rediscover the varietal.


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