Zonin Sparkling (Spumante) Rosé: Wine Woman Pick

Zonin Sparkling (Spumante) Rose

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Price: ¥142

Possibly the best ‘fizz’ we sell. Certainly my view.Italy-national-flag

A lightly-coloured sparkling rose with a fine, persistent & seductively delicate perlage (That means a nice ‘mousse’ or bubbles to you and me). Pleasant, intense and fruity, evoking memories of wisteria flowers and Renetta apples. (That means it smells nice, too). Well-blended and delightful. On the palate it is soft and smooth with floral notes and a hint of almond. (All true!)

Food Matching: Excellent as an aperitif and an ideal accompaniment to hors d’oeuvres risottos, fragrant fried food and grilled fish. (and if memory serves, dishes with a cream sauce, shellfish, sole/halibut, salmon, tuna, Mild cheese and cream based dips).

August 2011: Quickly elevated into our top sellers group after we had a bottle at a public tasting event this week. Folks went crazy for it. So ‘refined’ and ‘subtle’ and ‘elegant’ were the comments.

Sept. 2011: At a private tasting event, there was a flurry of interest, when we first brought it out. But much to the chagrin of the host, whose face resembled a bulldog chewing a wasp, we opened it anyway. He wanted nothing to do with spumante! He was waxing lyrical and beaming within seconds of the initial smell and first sip. Another convert. Job done. 🙂

March 2014: This is our ‘go-to’ Sparkler for @home ‘events’; we open this whenever there’s a celebration to have. Sometimes just because it’s the weekend, other times, when we do well in life, someone has a milestone. Don’t get the wrong idea about ‘spumante’ it’s a place; NOT a sweet wine. Apples and dry acidity prevail with persistent bubbles. Always consistent. Always pleases. Always creates smiles. 16.5 pts


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