Torres Perpetual Priorat Red Silver Medal Winner 2013 & 2014

Torres Perpetual Priorat (Red) Silver Medal ’13 & ’14: New Wine

Price: ¥579

Silver DecanterPerpetual is a homage to the Priorat wines made to be cellared. An intense wine, full of character, that was born to conquer time.

Tasting notes: Very dark, intense ruby colour. An aroma of preserves (cherry, blackberry) and spices on a highly characteristic mineral base. On the palate it has great volume with an admirable balance between the wine’s fruity density and its spicy notes acquired through ageing in new oak (cedar, toast). During its prolonged, complex finish there’s also a hint of chocolate and tobacco.

Food Matching: Excellent with game, lamb stews and also with pressed cheeses, such as: Manchego, Roncal or Mahones.

Awards: RP: 94/100 (2008) 90/100 (2010) WE: 93/100 (2006)

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