Silver Heights Family Reserve: ‘Best Chinese Red Wine Award’ August 2012

Silver Heights Family Reserve

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Silver Heights Winery is located high in the mountins of Ningxia. Emma Gao is the chief winemaker. She studied in France. Success has not taken very long to accomplish in the scheme of things, but at last, fior this writer, the wine has been recognised for what it is, by the great and the good. Now, with limited quantities being produced each year and competing ably with the best that the Old World has in this price bracket, demand looks set to sky-rocket, and with it; the price. We tested the wine twice, in late 2011. Same vintage: 2 months apart, with variation in breathing time and serving temperature.

September 2011: Dark in colour with an intense array of black fruit and herbaceous aromas. Lovely fruit concentration with well integrated tannins, good weight and texture on the palate. Additionally, it is elegant and finely structured and enjoys being open for a short time and allowed to warm slightly.A balanced wine with all its elements in place and well integrated.

November 2011: This wine opened our tasting. Served a little cool, without ‘breathing’ enabling comparisons to the previous tasting. The wine actually was quite different this time. Still beautiful, refreshing, but lighter. Everyone applauded it’s finesse, in evidence. I thought it seemed feminine; dainty.

Back in September we had breathed the wine for a couple of hours and warmed it to around 18°C. Then, the fragrant herbaceous Cabernet aromas were more pronounced and length on the palate, extended. The wine was altogether more complex and yet I found myself enjoying both experiences.

In both tastings it was very ‘moreish’ and disappeared incredibly quickly from all the tasters glasses.

Grander Advocates?: August 2012 update: the very wine shown here, Silver Heights Family Reserve, which we have raved about for 12 months (and the only Chinese wine available on this site) is now recognised as the winner of Best Chinese Red Wine title at the recent 3rd Annual Wine Challenge (Shanghai Hilton Hotel), as reported by City Weekend magazine (August 9 -22, 2012).

Good to know we are still ahead of the curve at picking winning wines. Well done those customers who got in and ordered this when offered it earlier in 2012, and secured their allocations before the now inevitable price rises; and congratulations to those who were lucky enough to try it at one of our private parties, alongside other great wines from around the globe…

Note: If you are drinking a top wine prepare it with some thought, if you are able. Think about temperature, maybe allow it some air time. (If in doubt, ask The Wine Woman)

  • Due to the huge demand and small production for these wines: Limited to 6000 bottles, there was a waiting list for 2010 vintage release. If you would like to book an allocation for 2010 (released, May 2011) or future vintage wines, please kindly send an email with your desired allocation to [email protected] and we will do our best to get you some of those fantastic wines!
  • Presently, (April 2013) I usually have a half dozen in stock.

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