Callia Signos Chardonnay

Signos Callia Chardonnay

Price: ¥84

There’s plenty of residual sweetness and fruitiness with twist of acidity. I’d place it the off dry category. Chill it well and you’ll be rewarded with a zesty everyday refreshing flavour that suits those who  like their white wines un-oaked.

This is a palatable, low priced low cost Chardonnay, without oak, made in the refreshing aperitif ‘bubblegum’ style that is popular amongst social gluggers on a warm day. It is available at an amazingly low price given the long haul from Argentina.

Food Pairing: It could partner a carbonara dish cutting through the creamy sauce but it would really pair well with seafood and fish.

March 2014: The recently identified problem was with the 2012 vintage. we now see that the 2013 vintage is fine.

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