Chiaro Primitivo IGT

Chiaro Primitivo IGT: New Wine: Wine Woman Pick

Price: ¥94

A very welcome surprise, this win, which has adorned portfolio and been leaving our shelves for almost 4 years; yet the ghastly label put me off.

The Prosecco from these guys is perfectly drinkable too, so in terms of awareness of our own internal radar, here at LWwines, Chiaro’s Primitivo fits squarely into the ‘we should have tried it earlier‘. Equally we are reminded ‘there’s only so many hours in the day’. Plus, that label design really is off-putting, isn’t it (just a little?).

Primitivo is, of course, a largely unknown grape, in the hierarchy of things vinous, which rather excitingly (to us anyway) also masquerades as, the mysterious, ‘clone?’ or exact DNA replica, depending on your view, of California’s flagship variety, Zinfandel. We drank it over 3 days and while we must stress it was still fine as time wore on, it was best on day 1 when it’s freshness was just so, err, attractive.

Dark ruby red in colour with violet highlights. The bouquet is intense with nuances of plum, black cherry and earthy, spicy aromas. The palate is medium-bodied and offers forward fruit, balanced acidity and round tannins.

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Anyhow, once we took the plunge inside and under the screw cap (which is not that common in Italy, we found lots and lots of fruit and a nice touch of spice. A food wine with no requirement of such, and perfectly able to stand on it’s own. 16.5pts

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