Callia Signos Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz

Callia Signos Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: ¥84

A history lesson: When will we ever learn? We did it again… judged a book by its cover.

After having this wines’ predecessor on our lists for 6 months at least, because it was in the category of cheap South American wines (that teachers would buy, where for most taste isn’t usually an issue. O.K. that’s maybe a bit rude, but actually quite accurate) we finally tried this wine.

We had just finished a Shiraz/Malbec from the same guys; different winery. What was found inside this new wine, was unsurprisingly ‘OK’. But what certainly was completely unexpected was the development, once open. We became animated.

This is awesome stuff: repeatedly checking my glass. So much so that we simply had to purchase a further 8 cases to lock in the price for a while.

Day 2 of the wine being open (but resealed) was sublime. A lovely of surprise. So, what does it taste like?

Fruit, warmth and silkiness, warmer than a Chilean, but less herbal.

“Delicious”, my wife adds, “this is exactly what I like!”. (Job done).

October 2014: …And then a strange thing! It disappeared. All gone, never slated to return! I dare say a new market had been designated and we couldn’t have it any more.

January 2015…..but what happened was a metamorphosis: into Cabernet plus Shiraz. As it is pretty much a straight swap, we’ve used the same product code and soon an updated (though not very altered) image will be posted.

We’ll just wait while the wine settles down after arriving before writing a report on it shortly.



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