Callia Osaado Shiraz: Wine Woman Pick

Callia Osaado Shiraz

Price: ¥110

This wine has a purplish-red colour with bluish tints. Its nose features prunes and the spicy aromas typical of Shiraz. The mouth-feel shows a strong presence of fruits (plums and damsons) and medium structure, and is complex and creamy on the tongue.

All true: but what it does not say is that (despite, for my eyes, a rather irritating design for the bottle’s wine label) the contents inside the bottle are OK. If it is an issue for you, please don’t be put off by the exterior. We so often buy with our eyes and I had to force myself to try this. Of course, the price helps ease the risk, but for this low price it’s a risk well worth taking. It won’t set the world on fire but it won’t disappoint anyone either.

Fruity, spicy and with backbone. From the house of Callia. These guys are going to be like the ‘De Bortoli of Argentina’ for us. Masters of low price point attractive wines.

October 2014: Time is doing its thing here. The vintages are stepping up a notch each year as the vines age and the vineyard managers and vintners get to grips with what the grapes designated for Osaado can do. Good to witness.

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