Callia Osaado Chardonnay: Wine Woman Pick

Callia Osaado Chardonnay

Price: ¥110

This is the best low price Chardonnay we have. Good enough to drink on its own, it’s only really lacking the presentation package I’m looking for in wine. As I have grown accustomed to its looks, the lovely stuff inside the bottle had won me over. Now, I am a real fan.

Callia is one of the wineries of the season as far as we are concerned and one we fully intend to watch develop into master crafts-folk, despite their relatively large operation (as a part of the mighty and renowned Salentein family).

I may not love the stylised design of the label, but in the glass, this wine does all I need it to do. It tastes great.

March 2012: More than anything else when I look at a wine in this price bracket, it’s about what I don’t want to see in the wine. So far, after 3 or 4 bottles, I can report that those negative elements are happily absent.

This is a fresh and fruity wine, lush with intense aromas of citrus and tropical fruits. Its delicate, satisfying mouth-feel is enhanced by a lingering finish.

May 2012: with a little bottle age, some settling down after journeying here from Argentina and a warmer weather this wine is coming into it’s own. It is refreshing, flavoursome and aromatic.

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