Pricing update: beat the price rises: 3 day Spring SALE

It turns out my crystal ball was a bit fuzzy on the outlook for pricing I had written about a couple of months ago. Last week, things took an about turn. Wine price hikes are already in the works across the board and across this city. Let me be the first to mention that.

We won’t have to raise our prices straight away. In fact, I am hoping it is just seasonal shenanigans. Luckily, we are cushioned by some good inventory on many of our most popular wines.

So, we are offering all those lucky existing customers (who have not gone away for Easter) a chance to reap a nice reward: 15 wines offered at secret prices for 3 days only: Midnight April 2nd to Midnight 5th.

Please see the details on the individual wines pages. I am sure some of you know these wines quite well by now.

  1. Bodegas Alina Emblema Sauvignon Blanc, Chile. ¥60 (#1 top selling white)
  2. Bodegas Alina Emblema Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile. ¥60 (#2 top selling red)
  3. Armand Dartois Cotes du Ventoux AOC, Rhone, France. ¥65 (#5 top selling red)
  4. Callia Osaado Chardonnay, Argentina. ¥65 (#1 top selling Argentinian Chardonnay)
  5. Callia Osaado Shiraz, Argentina. ¥65 ( #1 top selling straight Shiraz)
  6. Callia Alta Shiraz / Malbec, Argentina. ¥70 (#1 top selling red)
  7. Chateau Lamargue Costieres De Nimes AOC, GSM, Rhone, France. ¥83 (#3 top selling red)
  8. Sella&Mosca Vermentino di Sardegna DOC, Sardegna, Italy. ¥83 (#2 top selling white)
  9. Sella&Mosca La Cala Vermentino Di Sardegna DOC, Sardegna, Italy. ¥95 (most highly awarded white wine)
  10. Chiaro Prosecco DOC, Veneto, Italy. ¥95 (#2 top selling Prosecco)
  11. Gran Bach Cava Sparkling Brut, Spain. ¥105 (#1 top selling Cava)
  12. Camino Di Castllo, Tempranillo Crianza DO, Ribero Del Duero, Spain. ¥110 (#4 top selling red)
  13. Enrico Serafino Barbera D’Asti DOCG, Piedmont, Italy. ¥95 (#6 top selling red)
  14. Fernway Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, NZ. ¥110 (#1 top selling NZ wine)
  15. Veuve Pelletier Champagne AOC, France. ¥299 (#1 top selling champagne)

Please note:

  • No delivery fee (in Puxi).
  • Cash on delivery only.
  • Email and sms only. [email protected] or 15001996047
  • Delivery will be on the 7th, 8th and 9th of April.
  • Minimum order 12 bottles any mix. Please only order in multiples of 6 after that.

Happy Easter.

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