12 Party Wines (Tier 1) 12 btls: New Line-up

Party 12

Pack Quantity:


Price: ¥999

Don’t want to put out Lafite for the guests but want to have a drinkable selection too?

Here’s a short cast list that’s also easy one to get along with. 6 Reds, 2 Whites and 4 bubblies; including our top selling Fizzy, our 2nd top selling red,  4 new, low-cost, fruity numbers and a dash of elegance in the Prosecco.

In fact, 3 or 4 of these cases would make a perfect wine contingent for any medium sized party.

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3x Bodegas Alina Emblema Cabernet Sauvignon Chile, Central Valley

Having tasted this for the first time in December ’11, it got onto our website without hesitation. It is staggeringly good for very little cost.

Vivid ruby colour. Exquisite aroma of forest berries and spices on a rich background of leather and liquorice. Palate characterised by sweet healthy tannins from the fruit and the vegetal nuances typical of this variety.

It’s even better after being open a while; unusually so, for a wine of such a low price point.
My every day red wine of choice at the moment ( January 2012).
UPDATE: I spotted Emblema on a Chinese website (March 2012) for RMB98 a bottle, brilliantly on ‘offer’, down from RMB135. Criminals, if you ask me. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

3x Castillo De Manza La Mancha Tempranillo Spain, La Mancha

We love the bargains that is Spain and Italy right now. Long may it last. It’s one of the reasons we chose to specialise in Italian wines; apart from the obvious love affair with that country’s wines.

This low priced bargain is a dark purple red with an attractive violet tone. There’s a clean aroma of ripe fruits; strawberry and raspberry and some pervading herbal notes. On the palate it is smooth and full bodied with soft tannins.

Castillo de Manza falls firmly under the ‘glugger’ moniker with such a price, but wait, there is something unusual about this wine.

For me, it resembles a French wine; not a Spanish. I could swear there are Cabernets Sauvignon or Franc in this blend evidenced by the herbaceous aromas and weight. It seems so French. But It is 100% Tempranillo, the grape of Rioja, Ribero Del Duero and Valdepeñas. There’s a good weight and it’s hearty disposition means this wine thrives alongside some hearty food, like roast meats and chilli and pizza.

In October 2011 Mrs. Wine Man exclaimed that this wine was superior to our then top selling red wine. t’s cheaper too. It took over that wine’s role.

2x Heritage De Baroncourt Vin de L’Aude Blanc France, Languedoc

All you really need to know is it’s ‘a low cost off dry glugger best served cold.’ Here’s more that we found on the net:

Fresh clean acidity with complex aromas of exotic fruits such as mango and lichee. Well balanced and a lingering finish of mango. Ripe fruit aroma. Clear straw yellow colour. Grapes harvested at night. 100% De-stemming. Pneumatic pressing. Cold racking off the must. Fermentation in stainless steel vats with strict temperature control. Ageing in stainless steel vats.

Food Matching: This tantalizing white is perfect as a cocktail or matched with a variety of savoury dishes. Serve cold at: 8℃-10℃

2x De Bortoli Sacred Hill Sparkling Brut Australia, Riverina

So Yummy, that our friends regularly argue this is just like champagne. IMHO, it is NOT like Champagne at all. It is less complex. It is ten times cheaper. There is no hype here either. Just a sturdy, refreshing, dry, crisp bubbly with an apples character.

Pale straw in colour. Attractive nose of strawberries and cream with citrus notes in the background. A very refreshing, easy drinking sparkling wine, with fresh fruit flavours. Delicate and creamy mouth-feel, finishing with crisp acidity.

Serving: don’t need to over-chill it; 10°C is fine.

You can afford to drink it all summer (and all summer long you will wonder why other folks dream about those elusive champagnes that cost the earth and are often over dry, over biscuity or plain rubbish). De Bortoli is solid from top to bottom. We love this company!

2x Chiaro Prosecco DOC Italy, Veneto

Prosecco is on the up, up, up and the moment. No doubt about that. Pages and pages are being written about it online. ‘Bubbles’ is always satisfying, but unlike Champagnes which can be quite heavy (if there’s a lot of Pinot Noir in the blend), Proseccos are lighter and fresher, and the fruit seems always vibrant with a nice balancing acidity.

That’s me; a Prosecco fan.

When first tested a few years back, Chiaro Prosecco seemed VERY reasonable for the price (and had those stunning design lines). Long in the shadows, it sold in bucket loads (200+ bottles in 3 years) without a dedicated web page. That says a lot about our commitment to conventional marketing (which we kinda don’t…er…do), but a lot more about how good this Prosecco actually is.

Pale light yellow colour, with fine perlage. Delicately fruity, slightly underwhelming aromatic bouquet for me (who likes big aromas of stone-fruit and green fruit) but it is well balanced with a light body and a harmonious taste. Serve fairly cold at: 8-10°C

Note: this is an Extra Dry Prosecco. Recently we bent to pressure to give this wine it’s own product page.

We laid five sparkling wines side by side and asked friends to tell us the order of cost just by the look and feel of the bottles. Every person thought it looked the most expensive. It was one was the cheapest. Dive in to discover why it’s so popular.

Prosecco is light and fresh, and the fruit always seems vibrant with a nice balancing acidity. That’s me; a Prosecco fan.


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