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Our Shipping Policy ExplainedFree delivery

  • For 2018 we have further reduced the required spend to qualify for Free delivery in all zones.

We ship with FREE Delivery throughout Shanghai, when geographical minimum order amounts are met. However, fees positively influence reductions in the number of journeys made to locations. For clearer pricing, fewer Shanghai traffic journeys and doing our bit for the planet, a small delivery fee is applied on lower sized orders, which almost cover our transport costs.

Minimum shopping amounts & Free Delivery thresholds: Traffic is getting heavier. Journey times are increasing.

  • Zone A: minimum ¥750: Shipping is ¥45. Spend ¥1000+ for Free Delivery.
  • Zone B: minimum ¥1000: Shipping is ¥55. Spend ¥1250+ for Free Delivery.
  • Zone C: minimum ¥1250: Shipping is ¥65. Spend ¥1500+ for Free Delivery.
  • Zone D: minimum ¥1500: Shipping is ¥75. Spend ¥2000+ for Free Delivery.

(note: anywhere further afield eastwards yet inside the S20 is by negotiation because you guys are sooooo far away). Some customers collect from our outlets and warehouse. Please inquire if you would like to do this.

Zone A East of metro lines 3 & 11 to the Huangpu River; Former French Concession (Luwan), Jing ‘An, Xuhui, Huang Pu…

Zone B East of Hongqiao Airport from S20 to the North /South line formed by metro lines 3 & 11 to the Botanical Gardens; includes most of Gubei, Hongqiao and Changning (but not all)…

Zone C Pudong: Inside the Inner ring road and along S20…

Zone D Western Suburbs; West of Hongqiao Airport, Xu Jing, Huacao, Qibao, etc…

Beyond Shanghai (Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, etc) delivery is charged at cost (with insurance available). We use Manco for these services (a very reputable logistics firm). All deliveries have been received intact and in great condition. Please contact us before you checkout and we will deal with your requests manually ensuring the highest levels of service.

Responsible Transportation Policy

Our zonal system reflects the true costs of both the transport and the wine. Wine is heavy. Glass is heavy. Some companies charge more for their wine by including transport fees in the cost regardless of where you are. We feel that pricing should be more transparent, and we take an ethical position on emissions & congestion. (Drinking Red, thinking Green)

From time to time we experiment with dropping fees for certain offers or time periods (the whole of March and April 2013). Structuring our deliveries into particular days, etc, to aim towards better economies. We see little impact on business when we do this, so we must assume its a non-issue for our customers also. I trust our potential customers feel a kindred desire to reduce the carbon footprint. Quite frankly, if  not, don’t buy wine from us. Ethics.

It’s not a perfect system, but we think it’s a much fairer one and it works very well with no complaints from any customers. Tell us if you disagree.

The Red Wine-MobileOur small engined BRIGHT RED low emission, fuel-efficient, locally built BYD Wine-mobile is the most efficient method to get your wines to you. In the past, for optimal economies and ecology we even used the SH Metro, bicycles and scooters.

Rest assured, we never send uninformed, careless delivery firms who know nothing about what they are transporting and cannot communicate with you.

Please check your order carefully against the delivery note/receipt. In instances of mistakes being made you must inform the delivery person, at once. Regular customers will attest to the fact that we can often remedy a situation on our subsequent visits.

Drinking White, Driving Red, Thinking Green.


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