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March Newsletter 46

Hello Everyone,

March to June is our busiest time of the year. Christmas until now was spent exploring many new wines, revisiting old favourites to see how they were getting along & planning the next 12 months. Decision making and pleasure centres simultaneously bombarded: good to have a work-life balance, eh?
See the first of the reports below; in which we’ll drip feed thoughts of around 10 wines every fortnight.
We are always looking to add value to what we do and we hope its useful. This time:
  • 3 mixed case Specials (of 6 currently),
  • teasers from our Wineducation & Wine News sections
  • Spain again; they just can’t keep quiet about it
  • LWwines Sales that keep on, keeping on and on.
And of course, drop us a line if we may be of service.  TWM

Sales that go on and on…

We are getting creative. Or at least you can. Choose from a variety of discount levels based on your requirements.
7.5% discounts are available off at our standard prices for first purchases to new subscribers to our newsletter.12.5%
discount is available off our standard prices on ordering a minimum of 12 bottles during any 3 consecutive months until July 2014.
15% discount is available at our standard prices for those spending ¥2500+ between March 27th and April 10th 2014 on any of our portfolio.
20%+ discounts off the retail prices of our current special offer mixed cases.
And then there are the Monthly Wine Club offerings, here and here. These are both around 20% discounted off retail prices.And then there are the Flash Sales which pop up unexpectedly. Here is an example.And then there are the Informal Discounts; we just apply at our discretion to large orders just because we want to say ‘Thanks’.And then there are the Hub Customer discountshere. Up to 20% discounts off our standard prices for your dissemination to others.And then there are the various charities we support with wines just above cost for their events … Read on

Tasting Reports #1

This is the first of a series of reports into the latest wines tasted and (more importantly) tested. The transition out of the winter months has thrown up many new experiences.

Happily most of them were ‘hits’, with just the odd ‘miss’ to report.

The Year of the Horse has found the Wine Man exploring some new ground as well as revisiting old favourites.

Whilst the focus has inevitably been on reds this winter, there have been a number of forays into whites, Tasting with friends movieSparkling and fortified wines also.
Some of the wines tasted/tested are among our top sellers and most frequent subjects for analysis.

Others are those which have long been pleading to be tried, but until now have not made it onto the tasting calendar.

Finally, we made some lovely discoveries through the ‘art’ of blending at home; Read more

South American Discovery
(Tier 1) 12 bottles

South America is the number 1 region when it comes to value. The continent is now also hitting superb new heights for quality, driven by improvements in wine making & decisions to reduce vineyard yields.

A wonderful value-laden trip through the fruit-bowls of Argentina and Chile with some noble & some novel grapes: both Carmenere & Malbec reach their greatest expressions here.
A lovely introduction to the increasing variety of the region.

Save ¥213 off the market price (¥1163) / ¥90 off our standard price. ¥950.

Taster Pack 3
(Tier 1) 12 bottles
21+% Discount

Save ¥80 off our standard price & ¥267 off the market price.

Everyday drinking wines that are actually pleasant to drink at home on a regular basis.
TP3 features 12 wines from 7 countries, from both the Old & New World.
TP3 builds on the foundations of its sibling pack, the tier 1, TP2 maintaining the ‘easily accessible, easy drinking, easy on the pocket’ theme while flipping the New & Old World ratio. We took another ¥80 off the price too! 
Your search is over. ¥1000.

Spain remains ‘excellent value’
Yet more international websites continue to state the case we have been banging on about for over 2 years.
Spain = Bargains
And like we said (unlike some other countries we could mention) Spain is seldom prone to being counterfeited, smuggled or dumped. So it’s more reliable & safer.
Remember also, under Spanish wine laws producers age the wines for us to perfection in their cellars; under optimum conditions.
If you took advantage of our winter-long Spanish wine sale then I am sure, like me, you tried some fantastic new regions and were fully rewarded with new experiences and quality wines. eg:
Torres Coronas DOC 2008 Spain ¥150 Simply love this lighter oaked, yet well-aged, 2008 Tempranillo, though they do add just a dab of Cabernet Sauvignon for depth and complexity.
Great with and after food, as the last traces of the meal fade away into a movie. Once again another great value wine from the increasingly well known ‘secret’ that Spain currently offers. 16 pts. Read on

Paradigm Shift
There comes a time in everyone’s year (or other relevant time-period), when it’s important to look at initiating better personal experiences.
Put another way: a means of attaining better prospects and rewards. Recently, yours truly re-set one such paradigm at home, on his own palate.

Without labouring the point but to give a little context, LWwines was set up (by accident) largely for selfish reasons in 2010 (whilst seeking a solution to the local SH wine predicament).

In a nutshell, SH had a good range, but it was poorly understood & delivered to end users, was & ridiculously overpriced.
The high cost and risks outweighed the pleasure. Something had to be done. Read on

Blind Tastings: objection to a subjective view

This is probably about as near to a whine as I can get while still calling it Wineducation. I walk a think line sometimes…

As most people know there is a world of difference between getting ‘blind drunk’ while tasting and a blind tasting.

In my view neither are particularly scientific but both can be a lot of fun for those seeking either.

It’s just not this Wine Man’s scene, man. wine tasting per se is a bit well, naff.Yadda Yadda Yoda
Decades of personal experimentation & exploration taught me that maximising my wine pleasure is about the ‘whole package’, not a (mystery) liquid.

By maximising knowledge and sensual experience, one can achieve a truly sublime experience.

Blind tastings simply don’t tell me anywhere near enough information and therefore leave me uncomfortable. Read on.

Driven to Tiers
our hierarchy explained
It is important to note that while Price can reflect Quality, it is more often a function of the cost of production and the ease of supply
Over time, high end wineries build reputations that help establish them at the pinnacle of price demand.
This is where hype, speculation and marketing can blur the edges of reason.
Consumers have allies in negotiating the ‘Wine-field‘. How Lwwines makes the journey of discovery easier…Read on
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