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       Newsletter 18   March 16th 2012
Hi everyone,
welcome to the springiest and most optimistic newsletter, half way point for our busiest month of the year so far with links that actually work! (Don’t get me started on I.T). You can still catch the last scheduled Italian Wines : March eventJourney through Wine on Wednesdays’ at Café Du Village (Minhang). April sees us switch focus to Spanish wines. All  booking contact details below. Naturally, we are simultaneously promoting our quality Italian mixed case: A Journey through Italy. Last chance to snap up this classic at a special price for quite some time : Still, triple discounted. A few funny news items are about too…and more and more wine related articles.                                                     TWM

‘A Journey through Wine’ Evenings

Do you ever wonder if you will ever get to taste the best wines? Here’s your chance. 6 glorious wines per event at a fraction of the cost. A new Major Wine Region each month. March features Italy with wines from our Tiers 1, 2, 3 & 4: that’s from RMB100 to RMB500. We’ll also provide complimentary snacks which enhance and discuss the elements that define and govern each style such as climate, production techniques, tradition, grape varieties and, dare I say it, ‘terroir‘. Marvellous.   RMB280 per person per session. Crazy discounts available. 2 events for RMB500 or Buy 3 events, get the 4th one free. Must be nuts.               read more

A Journey Through Italy 6 bottles
save RMB312

An amazingly valued sneak peek at some of Italy’s classic Tier 1, 2 & 3 wines:  with plaudits and high scores from the likes of Robert Parker. Featuring several of the wines in our March Journey through Italy Event*.

Serafino Barbera D’Asti D.O.C.G. Piedmont*

Serafino Barolo D.O.C.G. Piedmont*

Sella&Mosca Tanca Farra D.O.C. Sardinia

Sella&Mosca La Cala D.O.C. Sardinia

Zonin Ripasso Superiore D.O.C. Veneto*

Zonin Pinot Grigio Classici Veneto*

Market Price: RMB1182
Our Standard Price: RMB948

March Promo Price: RMB870         read more

SH008 : (Moron) China

This from UK website, ‘The Drinks Business’:  “A wine brand from Chile is unknowingly offending Cantonese speakers in Hong Kong with its explicit name.

Called Chilensis, the label, from Via Wines in Chile’s Maule Valley, loosely translates as “f*cking nuts” according to a source in Hong Kong.”

Demand for the wine has soared after local press reports about the rude label, pushing prices up for by HK$10 in a matter of days.” If you don’t laugh; you’ll cry. read more

Types of
Red Wine

It is in the method of processing a red that wine determines whether it will result in a sweet wine or a dry wine. Sweet and dry characteristics of wine are at opposite ends of the taste spectrum: defined by the residual sugars left in the wine. Sweet wines, of course, contain a greater amount of residual sugar than do dry wines.

Residual sugars are converted to alcohol during the wine making process depending upon the wine makers intended outcome.

On one end of the spectrum, if all (within 1 – 2% remaining) the sugar in a wine is converted to alcohol the result is a dry wine. There is a range of sweet and dry wines, but typically…       read more



Journey Through Italy


21st March @

Café Du Village

Baole Lu, Huacao, Minhang


e: [email protected]

[email protected]


6221 3520





Journey Through Spain



Starts 7 to 9pm.

3 Venues : 7 wines

4th  April@

Tai Kang Terrace, Luwan


[email protected]

1500 0017 3787


11th  April @

Gao Jing Lu, Xu Jing


[email protected]

59887495 restaurant


18th April @

Café Du Village

Baole Lu, Huacao, Minhang


[email protected]

[email protected]

6221 3520



Taster Pack 3

12 bottles

save RMB189

TP3 builds on the foundations of Taster Pack 2 maintaining the ‘easily accessible, easy drinking, easy on the pocket’ theme while flipping the New & Old World ratio on its head. TP3 features 12 wines from 7 countries on 4 continents, 4 from the Old World & 8 from the New.

Market Price RMB1239

Standard Price RMB1085

March Promo Price RMB1050
read more

SH Wine Market 3: The Rise and Rise of Wine Tasting

For centuries, wine tasting has been the domain of wine connoisseurs. In recent years it has become popular across the globe with casual wine drinkers. Experts and amateurs alike are nosing up to the goblet to try their hand at assessing the more intricate qualities of the luscious liquid for education, for fun and for personal profit too.

Wine festivals emerged to promote the attributes of wines to eagerly growing audiences; not only to embrace flavours but also its ambiance, decadence, romance, intricacies and mythologies.     read more…

Whites Budget Pack
12 bottles Save RMB190

A Chardonnay rich gaggle of New World whites, with and without oak and bubbles. Mostly Chardonnay, because it is cheap at the moment compared to other whites (there’s just so darn much of it planted worldwide). 2 bottles of each of Australia’s De Bortoli Sacred Hill (our top selling Sparkling Brut & an award winning Chardonnay); Chile’s San Medin cool fresh Sauvignon Blanc & Baron Philippe de Rothschild’s elegant Reserva Chardonnay Maipo. Finally,  Argentina’s Callia Signos entry level, fruit-filled Chardonnay & Callia Alta’s whist-ful and aromatically chargedChardonnay &Torrontes blend.

Market price RMB1100

Our Standard Price RMB952 March Promo Price RMB910
read more

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