Newsletter #11 21st November ’11

In Brief

  • New Website has launched. Please let us know what you think of the new features.
  • Introducing 3 Christmas drinks Mixed Cases: 6, 12 & 18 bottles.
  • The best sub RMB100 red wine in Shanghai.
  • A new vintage for the most popular red in our list.
  • Enrico Serafino is now officially my hero (read ‘why?’, below). version 2.0 is here. I am very pleased to announce that we have new features such as a pan-dimensional search facility, a groovy shopping cart, an informative wine blog and related articles in ‘The Grapevine’ courtesy of The Wine Man, events, Promotions (all bug free, we think). Cross fingers. If you find any issues please let us know. Thanks. There’s also a chance to opt into our newsletter subscription service which brings with it 2 exclusive discounts.

Christmas 6 RMB425

A short cast list and a rather easy one to get on with, too. 2 Reds, 2 Whites and 2 bubblies including our top selling red, our top selling Fizzy, 2 new low cost fruity numbers and a dash of design elegance in the Prosecco. [Find out more…]

Christmas 12 RMB1200

“Christmas is coming. Isn’t it a laugh. We haven’t any money so lets all go daft,” sang the UK comedy trio The Goodies in 1973. There’s no need to go daft but there is every recommendation to be fiscally prudent. This selection of wines is drawn from the requirement to have a collection of everyday and more serious wines around covering all the bases for Festive season get-togethers. Those in bold are the tier 2 wines. [Find out more…]

Christmas 18 RMB1800

This is the Christmas wine  collection to end all Christmas wine collections. Every single base covered, except a dessert wine (left out because because they are just a little too eclectic for most). Just ask and we’ll pop one in for you too. Having said that, we got every continent, price point and occasion covered in here, unless your Boss is coming over and you want the Marchese de Villamarina to blow his socks off. Again, just let us know… [Find out more…]

Newsflash #1:  “the best sub-RMB100 wine in Shanghai”. That’s how one of my knowledgeable customers described it in an sms to me last week after he had sampled the latest, just arrived, 2009 vintage. He then went on to talk about how our wines are so much more reliable and dependable than the rest he had been drinking in SH prior to discovering us. He described the wines of supermarkets as being over-priced and ‘cooked’- a term that refers to the poor handling or storage of the wine that leads to overheating. I had a rosy feeling when he said that. Serafino Barbera D’Asti (RMB91) is a wine that displays an intense violet colour and typical perfumes of cherries. It has an intense and rich nose. The typical nice acidity brought by Barbera grapes creates an explosion of cherry and flowers perfumes. It never fails to impress. Food Matching: Game and roast meat. Serving temperature 16-17 °C.

Newsflash 2: Our top selling RED wine, Sella & Mosca Capocaccia (RMB68), is now under a new vintage; 2008 too. It’s fantastic: all bright shiny pale crimson, fresh fruit and balancing vanilla and spices complexity. Oh my. Wonderful stuff!!! The very wine that sparked my return from school-teacher to wine merchant 18 months ago.

Capocaccia is an everyday drinking light to medium bodied red made from the Sangiovese, Carignano and Cannonau (Grenache) grape varieties on the Island of Sardinia. The Sangiovese develops a typical, Italian ‘nose’. (That’s the aroma; not the iconic Roman facial feature). However, given that it’s such an easy drinking wine, it won’t last long enough in your cellar. And it’s not meant for cellaring. Drink it now at its optimum age of 3 to 4 years old. If you like a dose of oak flavouring which imparts vanilla, baking spices & butterscotch, this is for you. You will find the palate is soft, dry with velvety textures. Food Matching: Absolutely superb with an British Sunday dinner of roast pork and vegetables. This wine will find a good partner with red meats too.

We have seen this wine online in Shanghai for RMB148 per bottle. Outstanding value at our price of RMB68. Grab a case or two now as the Christmas season approaches.

Mixed cases: My heroes, the Serafinos

Enrico Serafino produces wines in the Piedmont region of Italy. We have put together a 6 bottle mix of 5 of their highly regarded wines, 4 reds and 1 white. The collection includes both the king and queen of wines; a Barolo 2004 (Wine Advocate: 96/100 for 2004) and the ‘magical’ new 2007 vintage Barbaresco. Also included are the cherry delights of Dolcetto D’Alba 2010 & beautifully satisfying acidity from their Barbera D’Asti 2009 (the best sub RMB100 red wine in SH) with the elegant Gavi 2009 finishing the selection.

Robert Parker et al have written much about this region; these vintages and this producer. Both their Barolo and Barbaresco come from ‘Extraordinary‘ vintages [the highest accolade]. We are the only source in Shanghai for these wines. We supply them to 1 delicatessen, 2 wine bars and 1 restaurant so far. Even lesser brands can’t be bought at these low prices. The Barbaresco alone is half the price it should be, given it’s stature.

Get yourself a real bargain for Christmas.

Our discounted Mixed Case price: 909RMB. (Normal price 956RMB); Market Price: 1150RMB

Code Wines in Enrico Serafino Case Bottle Price
W015 Dolcetto D’Alba DOC ’10


W016 Barbera D’Asti DOC ’09


W017 Gavi DOCG ’09


W018 Barbaresco DOCG ’07


W019 Barolo DOCG ’04


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