NewsFlashSale #45 Beat the Baseline Price rises…NOW CLOSED

Here is the NewsFlashSale that went out 24th February at 23:00 announcing our 72 hour flash sale of 30 wines. NOW CLOSED

Current Special Offers  : Newsflash 45
Dear Wine Lovers, our 72 hour SALE starts Tuesday, 25th February, 00:00: 1 hour from now and your receipt of this email (hopefully).

The Deal: The following 30 wines are offered to existing customers & friends at the prices shown here until 00:00 Friday February 27th. After that they return to the standard Price until May.
The Wines: Limited amounts. Whites, first (with some discreet taste guidance), Rosé next, then Reds (all dry by the way). Further wine details* found on the website.

  1. *Heritage De Baroncourt Blanc Aude, France (Confidently Creamy. Off Dry) ¥68
  2. Copperstone Semillon-Chardonnay SE Australia (Subtle & Secretive. Dry) ¥68
  3. *Bodegas Alina EmblemaSauvignon Blanc Chile (Fresh & Fantastic. Dry) ¥68
  4. *Callia Osaado Chardonnay Argentina (Impressively Achieved. Dry) ¥68
  5. *Rothschild Sauvignon-Chardonnay Mapu, Chile (Harmoniously Structured. Dry) ¥78
  6. *C. Jacob Riesling Pfalz, Germany (Simple & Floral. Just, Off Dry) ¥88
  7. *Rothschild Reserve Chardonnay Mapu, Chile (Powerfully Astonishing. Dry) ¥88
  8. *A. Zienhelt Gewurztraminer AOC Alsace, France (Aromatically Alsatian. Off Dry) ¥118
  9. Torres Mas Rabell Parellada Blanco DO Catalunya Spain (Earnestly Effervescent. Dry) ¥118
  10. *Fernway Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc NZ (Zeitgeist & Zest. Dry) ¥118 Sold Out
  11. *Torres Viña Esmeralda DO Catlunya Spain (Award Winning Blockbuster. Medium-dry) ¥148
  12. Abadal Picapoll DO Pla de Bages, Spain (Classically Crafted. Dry) ¥168
  13. *Honor L’Empereur Sauternes Bordeaux, France 500ml (Sumptuous & Sensationally Sweet) ¥168
  14. *Vve. Pelletier Champagne Brut AOC France (Fabulously Fruity. Dry) ¥318
  1. Ca Ernesto Rosato (rosé) Adige Valley, Italy (Terrifically Tasty) ¥88
  1. *Castillo Di Manza Tempranillo La Mancha, Spain (Sturdy & Familiar) ¥58
  2. *Heritage De Baroncourt Rouge Aude, France (Confident & Commendable) ¥68
  3. *Bodegas Alina Emblema Cabernet Sauvignon Chile (Stunningly Stellar) ¥68
  4. *DB Sacred Hill Cabernet / Merlot SE Australia (Compellingly Clarety) ¥80
  5. *Serafino Barbera D’Asti DOCG Piedmont, Italy (Stirringly Spritely) ¥98
  6. Torres Tres Tinto Garnacha / Carinena DO Catalunya Spain (Rich & Robust) ¥108
  7. Torres Mas Rabell Garnacha Blend DO Catalunya Spain (Flavoursome & Focussed) ¥118
  8. *Camino Di Castillo TempranilloCrianza DO Ribero Del Duero, Spain (Confident & Commendable) ¥118 Sold Out
  9. Santo Cristo Garnacha DO Ainzon, Spain (Silky & Smooth) ¥128
  10. S&M Tare Rare Carignano Di Sulcis DOC Sardegna, Italy (Enchanting & Exciting) ¥178
  11. *S&M Tanca Farra Cab SauvignonCannonau DOC Alghero, Sardegna, Italy (Enigmatic yet Moreish) ¥188
  12. Abadal Cabernet / Merlot Crianza DO Pla de Bages, Spain (Assured & Strident) ¥168
  13. *Serafino Barbaresco DOCG Piedmont, Italy (Elegantly Enticing) ¥258
  14. CVNE Vina Real Rioja Reserva DOC Spain (Majestic & Magnificent) ¥278
  15. *Serafino Barolo DOCG Piedmont, Italy (Powerful & Persistent) ¥338 Sold Out

The Please Note section:

  • Existing customers (or their contacts) only.
  • Minimum order 18 bottles (any mix).
  • Free delivery in Puxi (usual rates elsewhere).
  • Email & sms only. [email protected] or 15001996047
  • Please indicate a Delivery Day & time.
  • Cash on delivery, please.
  • See you soon.


The sale launch has coincided with alarming evidence that Base Prices are set to go through the roof on some commodities, especially imported wines. Indeed we have seen some huge wholesale and distributor cost increases on certain wines recently in the lower end of the market. Rises of up to 90 and 100% have occurred already this year. We are worried. There’s no point denying it.

It may just be the end of the competitive price wars that have signified the direction of the market in the last year and a half. The various subsidized ‘loss leaders’ which the bigger players use to offset the un-level playing field against the smugglers, the counterfeiters, the tax regime and the burgeoning number of ‘low cost, low standards’ crews that have long been eroding profitability for the rest. It has been a tumultuous time and the market seems to have determined some sharp action.

We will continue to do what we can were we can to fight wine price inflation ethically, but as yet we are not 100% sure of the underlying causes. Any new, major developments that we see will be presented in a newsletter article.

In the meantime, make the most of these wines purchased before the price hikes, we are now becoming aware of. and that goes for much of the sub ¥200 price bands.

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