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Newsletter #14: Jan ’12

NEWSLETTER 14                January 6     2012
in brief:

  • The Top 30 wines of 2011
  • Article: How to Choose Wine: part 3
  • Article Party Etiquette: part 2
  • #1 Best Wine of 2011
  • Second Taster Pack
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Dear Wine lovers,
Happy New Year. Wherever you were for the holiday period I trust you had a  great time. Here are our latest articles and goodies on offer.

30 Best Wines of 2011

It’s my pleasure to present the 30 best value, quality fine wines we sourced for Shanghai customers in 2011. Many wines from across the globe landed on our desks last year. Some were selected by us and some were recommended to us. And they are all still available. In our book, value doesn’t mean cheap. It doesn’t mean poor quality, either. It means “particularly notable quality for the price”. All these top wines will continue to shine into 2012. Happy New Year.

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How to choose wine: part 3; for ‘dummies’

Well…not so much dummies, as beginners. Wine is the product of sun, soil and hope; held together by water. It has the power to dazzle our senses and move us to other places. Grapes grow on vines. They ripen under the sun. When ready, they are squeezed of their juice, which is fermented to produce an alcoholic liquid. It is all quite simple really. However, the beverage can be made in so many different styles it can seem rather daunting: a great mystery and a fascinating ride. read more…

Party Wines Etiquette: pt.2; themed parties

Many wine lovers find it interesting make wine the focus of an evening group get-together. It can make for a great way to learn and really kick  start any wine appreciation you may wish to develop. Talking about wines in a relaxed but considered manner can be a speedy, fun and rewarding way to spend a few hours getting further into a fascinating subject. There are many places in Shanghai where this is possible.

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#1 Best Wine of 2011

We have secured for Shanghai, 100 bottles of Wine Enthusiast magazine’s number #1 rated wine for 2011. Of course, it’s Italian and it’s on our list, so we are in 7th heaven. Market Price is RMB285+. Our price is RMB247. Limited supply. First come first served. Minimum order is 6 bottles. At its peak now it will continue to be on that plateau until 2015.

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Second Taster Pack: TP2 (1st Tier Wines)

Old & New World combine with a distinctive range of styles at great value. It is difficult to believe that 1 or 2 of these wines belong in the 1st tier. It proves that 1st tier doesn’t mean 2nd rate. Some wines are so bad are in terms of value for money they can’t make it onto any of our tiers at all. I am rather fussy about those we supply too. This gaggle has serious, good quality award winning wines, from respected publications & competitions. read more…

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