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If you live local to Huacao you may be interested to visit a new bar, called Min Mirage Bar. At the moment, throughout February they are throwing caution to the wind and offering a buy 1 get 2 deal on everything!

Downstairs they have a straightforward long L-Shaped bar set-up with very comfortable high-backed stools and a couple of screens (close enough to watch easily, if that’s your thing and inconspicuous enough to ignore, if that is your preference). Also downstairs there’s a couple of high tables with stools and a lower lounging space. Tucked under the stairs is a clean, and fully functioning female toilet. The men’s facility is upstairs, where the kitchen is also located and then there’s a games area, occupied presently by a rather large, rather shiny, new, pool table.

It’s amazing what a positive jolt meeting nice folks can have. Chinese Min & her Swedish business partner Axl are keen to supply the best wines they possibly can for drinkers, which is where I came in. “I wouldn’t want to sell anything that I won’t drink myself,” Axl commented.

They invited me in on Chinese New Years Day to help with the wine list (a sort of quality control guarantee, I guess). At this establishment there’s no need to worry about headaches (or worse) from dodgy or illegal product. For once, a team seems enlightened and eager enough, to not repeat the same pitfalls as some other bars I could name.

Instead, Axl and Min want to emphasise customer service over maximising profits. Sound’s great, doesn’t it? Of course, it is early days for them and they are a fledgling crew. So let’s give them some credible support for aiming to do the right thing.

Contrary to popular belief, Min’s will be the only venue we are actively supplying in that area. Is this a New Hope for Jin Feng lu? Let’s all hope so. The area has seen quite a few changes in recent years, most for the worse in regards to serving quality wine.

TWM February 2013

p.s. These themes are developed further in the Sleuth and Gripes areas.

Oct 2013: READ an update here…

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