Mifan Mama Charity Fundraiser Cookbook: WINS AWARD! UPDATE

It’s absolutely fantastic news to announce that the Charity cookbook we were asked to contribute to last year has won an AWARD!

We provided some lovely wine pairings* for a good number the dishes in the book: some unconventional, others, less so, that could be achieved in the notoriously unhelpfully scaled kitchens of Shanghai.

Secrets of Dot’s Kitchen, Dot Jenkinson, Julie Garrat Photos: Ricky Jiang


 In the category:  Best Charity & Fund Raising Cookbook – Asia

The book now goes on to the next level.

The winner in each country will compete against winners in the same category in other countries for The Best in the World. The results will be announced on May 20-21, 2014  at the annual Awards event. It will take place in Beijing during  the first “Beijing Cookbook Fair”, May 19-21, 2014.

(* It was quite a bit of fun for us to take part in, really (with a serious purpose to raise awareness and funds for Orphaned and Blind Children in poor communities in China) and we took the role very seriously: I mean, yours truly had to learn all about the minefield of subjective opinion applied to ‘food a& wine paring’ and attempt to steer a very sensible course through that particular can of worms.)

We wish the team all the best for the next stage. Even though we can tell you they didn’t aim for prizes, all the recognition they can get for the charity is priceless.

Here is the original information about the book and the charity.


MAY 2014: This book went onto the National Awards in Beijing and WON SECOND PLACE (Heston Blumenthal won 2nd in his category too; so we are honoured to be in good company).

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