Italian Taster Pack (Tier 1&2) 12 bottles: Redesigned

Italian Value Pack (Tier 1&2) 12 bottles


Pack Quantity:

Price: ¥1,200

We aim to create a simple, satisfying 12 bottle collection of Old World offerings from various regions; with a 50:50 split of reds & whites that are engaging, interesting, fulfilling & lively. In short; wines we like to drink.

We have brought in 9 new options that we can drop into this case including 2x Pinot Grigios, ditto 2x new Vermentinos, a couple of Nero D’Avolas, a Toroldego and a 2x Cannonau. You want to explore those options, just let us know.

For now, if ordered, we’ll set the price at a discount with the lower priced newcomer options as default but let you upgrade to the higher grade wines, as requested.

Please click on the wines listed below to extend/retract descriptions.

2x Fonte Frontini Vermentino Di Sardegna IGT Sardinia NEW

For those unfamiliar with Vermentino (and interested in trying new varieties that aren’t Chardonnay) it is a white grape variety typical of the warm Island of Sardinia that flourishes in hot places. Sella & Mosca is now marketing this grape globally.

This wine could be described as having a seaside freshness. The saltiness of the locale is transferred to the wine producing savoury, minerally and zesty flavours similar to a French A.O.C. Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc or Pinot Blanc.

A pleasantly aromatic nose moves into a dry, fresh and lively fruit. Drunk as an aperitif or with hors d”oeuvres, seafood, fish and white meat, there’s a slightly spritzy character from what the Italians call a ‘frizzante’ or gentle sparkle.

Serve rather cold indeed: 8°C.

2x Firriato Emporio Rosso Sicily IGT or Frontini Cannonau Di Sardegna IGT (or 1 of each; Choose)

Description of Firriato Emporio Rosso Sicily IGT

A bright, lively ruby-red colour. Vinous bouquet, fresh and attractive, with rich fruity tones. Dry but well-balanced flavour: extremely easy to drink.

Food Matching: Ideal to enjoy with some grilled white meat and vegetables or with pasta or noodles.

Description of Frontini Cannonau Di Sardegna IGT

Coming Soon…

2x Chiaro Pinot Grigio IGT Veneto

Popular with those who like a white wine to be drier and fresh.

Appealing straw-yellow colour with delicate green reflections. Delicately fruity, medium bodied and refined. Lightly dry, yet extremely fresh. It also offers a delicious reminder of the original grape. It’s light and elegant structure makes this an unusually refined and aristocratic wine, especially at this price point.

Food Matching: It combines particularly well with delicate appetizers, pasta courses with light sauces and white meats. In addition, it makes a fine aperitif.

2x Zonin Collection Montepulciano D'Abruzzo DOC Abruzzo

Bright, warm ruby-red colour. Broad bouquet, with well-defined scents of bitter almonds against a faint background of wild berries. Smooth flavour, full-bodied with notable personality and outstanding persistence.

Food Matching: Ideal to enjoy with red meat dishes, or with spicy meat dishes.

March 2012: Fantastically impressed with this last W/E at a dinner party. The Montepulciano gave a very good account of itself as the third wine. It stood up very well in fact to the Barbera D’Asti and was more popular than that wine, I think, and as a precursor to the Barbaresco it was fabulous. And the Beef Bourguignon was enhanced by it. Trouble was, we had opened 3 Barbarescos, so they took the limelight.

April 2014: Always a pleasure to return here which seems to be about every 4 months. Any season is fine as the lower tannins ease the drinker into just about any circumstance. The wine made for a very smart pairing with home made Tagliatelle with meat and tomato sauce last week, and this week with Lamb Shanks. Bright acidity, warm Mediterranean tones and plummy/cherry flavours. Just saying the name is evocative. Easy going to a fault and well worth the lower than expected price tag. Second test (April 6th) the bottle was a 2010 and the whole bottle went in an evening. 17 pts.

2x Zonin Chianti DOCG Tuscany

Chianti needs no introduction for most wine drinkers these days. Perhaps fewer realise the region’s tumultuous ‘quality verses quantity’ history, the revolutionary zeal of prominent producers from the 1980’s to regain former glories and the great successes it has had in doing just that. Described by Jancis Robinson as the ‘Bordeaux of Italy’, the comment can be read in 2 ways. Excellence and massive popular influence.

The reduction in the use of white grapes in the blend has perhaps been one of the greatest and hard fought innovations. Indeed many Chiantis are now 100% Sangiovese.

Chianti ages well due to it’s acidity levels, yet softer tannins make it approachable in moderate youth too.

A classic style of a classic wine. Bright ruby-red colour of an attractive intensity. In its youth, it is richly marked by violet reflections that tend to become garnet with age.

Characteristically intense aromas with fine, elegant and distinguished by an scents of violets, wild berries including subtle notes of plums.

This Classici Chianti is nicely balanced and enticing with lingering acidity and flavours of cherry & spice. Full-bodied with well integrated, fine textured tannins and beautiful fruit on the finish.

When it is young, the wine combines well with the hearty flavours of country cooking and it can be consumed throughout such meals. After the third year, it becomes the ideal companion of every type of roast, grilled red meat, game and moderately aged cheeses. Chianti and red sauces are a match made in heaven.

Internationally famous, characteristically intense entry level Chianti from a dependable producer.

2x Chiaro Prosecco DOC Veneto

When first tested a few years back, Chiaro Prosecco seemed VERY reasonable for the price (and had those stunning design lines). Long in the shadows, it sold in bucket loads (200+ bottles in 3 years) without a dedicated web page. That says a lot about our commitment to conventional marketing (which we kinda don’t…er…do), but a lot more about how good this Prosecco actually is.

Pale light yellow colour, with fine perlage. Delicately fruity, slightly underwhelming aromatic bouquet for me (who likes big aromas of stone-fruit and green fruit) but it is well balanced with a light body and a harmonious taste. Serve fairly cold at: 8-10°C

Note: this is an Extra Dry Prosecco. Recently we bent to pressure to give this wine it’s own product page.

We laid five sparkling wines side by side and asked friends to tell us the order of cost just by the look and feel of the bottles. Every person thought it looked the most expensive. It was one was the cheapest. Dive in to discover why it’s so popular.

Prosecco is light and fresh, and the fruit always seems vibrant with a nice balancing acidity. That’s me; a Prosecco fan.


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