What are Hub Customers?

Why should YOU become a hub customer?

  • You like saving money. Up to 17.5% discounts off our Standard Prices (which mirror though often undercut retail prices).
  • You like doing your bit for the planet. You understand climate change theory and responsibility.
  • You enjoy meeting with friends, sharing a shopping experience or simple pragmatism.

Do you recognise that bulk buying isn’t just a great way to save on delivery charges?

Ain’t nothing in life that’s free.

Lets face it, every business offering ‘Free Delivery’ on a small item must still fix those costs into the price (out of necessity). Or they will be a doomed business.

Accept Abundance

But also, do you enjoy sharing that feeling of abundance from home delivery orders with others and become excited by handing out cases or bottles of wine. Of course, not all Hub Customers seek a romantic, fun experience. Some are simply being pragmatic about it.

Usually, just one person co-ordinates for a group and takes the delivery into their home or work place. It’s even possible for a group to rotate the chairmanship of the group for the purposes of ordering and taking delivery. It’s so easy to liaise with me (the Wine Man.) If you don’t know much about wine when you start, you certainly will by the time your chairmanship has passed onto the next person, if that’s how you want to play it.

Maybe you could find out if being a hub customer suits you by doing a one-off order for your very own group of friends with an impromptu wine dinner party. I can offer you all the support you require to match the food being served.

So, as well as offering lower prices on wines than anyone else, we bring people together while cutting down on unnecessary congestion and hence pollution, in the city.

  • Are you a social animal?
  • Do you have lots of friends living on your compound?
  • Do you love any excuse to get together with friends in the comfort of your own home and share a great feeling of abundance?
  • Are you an events organiser?

Then you might just be perfect to become a Hub Customer. To qualify you simply need to make your order at least ¥8000. Larger orders over ¥12,000 can attract up to 20% discount off our standard price).

There is, of course, no commitment to make. No agreements are signed. No contracts. It’s just a trust-friendship thing. We reserve the right of course to decline an application but that hasn’t happened yet. Somehow, positive, trustworthy, open and warm folks become Hub Customers. If it’s not right for you, your circumstances change or you simply don’t want to continue, you can cease being a hub customer any time. You simply return to shopping the same as our normal customers.

Our hub customers are spread across this vast city. Maybe we can hook you up with someone in your area.

Complete an enquiry form and we will get the ball rolling.


August 2015 updated

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