Claus C. Jacob German Riesling: BIN END

April 23, 2012
Claus C. Jacob Riesling

It is pretty much impossible to find anything from Germany that doesn’t break the bank here in Shanghai and now this one we did find is almost all gone. I think we have here, a summer aperitif and a great partner to fish, seafood, poultry and pasta dishes with cheese or cream based sauces. The wine is shipped by Thomas Rath through whom we found a very delightful Auselese and Spätelese in 2010.

Price: ¥125

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Reichsgräfin Von Medem Icewine Prädikat Rheinhessen .375L: Wine Man Pick

January 3, 2013
Reichsgräfin Von Medem Icewine

German Icewine captivates with aromas of honey, dates & figs; combined with a long lasting fruity sweetness. Enjoy this wine with matured cheeses, especially Roquefort, desserts & chocolate. Great for sharing a small glass with friends after a meal.

Price: ¥350

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