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Sparkling TP May 2014 large 326x217A 7 DAY FLASH SALE CLOSED

The list below just happens to be our widest ranging FlashSale EVER; covering everything from Fizz to Dessert Wines to Rose’s to Liqueurs to Ports (and everything in between). You’ll spot a few Award Winners in there, too, as treats….stock up for the Holiday Season with some real gems.Gold Decanter

THE SALE: The following 44+ wines, spirits & liqueurs are offered at around 20% off standard prices for 4 more days only; to November 22nd 22:00. In some cases that’s 25% below retail prices!

Minimum Order is ¥2400.
Free Delivery for spends over ¥2600.
Spend ¥5000; Get a FREE bottle of Prosecco*, a Free Sparkling Wine Keeper* & Free Delivery.
Spend ¥7500; Get a FREE bottle of REAL French Champagne*, a Free Sparkling Wine Keeper*, a Free Wine Keeper* & Free Delivery. Wow.Flechas Gran Malbec

1. Heritage De Baroncourt Blanc ’12 VDP Aude, France (#1 French White) ¥65
2. Copperstone Semillon-Chardonnay ’11 SE Australia (No w/s page) ¥65
3. Firrato Emporio Bianco IGT ’13 Sicily, Italy (New Wine: No w/s page) ¥68
4. Bodegas Alina Emblema Sauvignon Blanc ’13 Chile (#1 white) ¥68
5. Baron P. Rothschild Sauvignon-Chardonnay ’12 Mapu Chile (#1 white blend) ¥78
6. Torres Mas Rabell Blanco DO ’12 Catalunya, Spain (No w/s page) ¥112
7. A. Zirnhelt Gewurztraminer AOC ’12 Alsace, France (#2 Alsace wine) ¥118
8. Fernway Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc ’12 NZ (#1 NZ wine) ¥122
9. Emile Durand Chablis^ AOC ’11/12 Bourgogne, France (#1 Chablis = unoaked chardonnay) ¥128
10. Domäne Wachau Federspiel Trocken Terrassen Gruner Veltliner^ ’12 (New Wine: No w/s page) Commended ’14 ¥150
11. Sacred Hill Whitecliff Sauvignon Blanc ’12 Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand ¥160
12. Torres Gran Vina Sol^ DO ’12 (Infamous oaked Chardonnay/Parellada) ¥175Torres Gran Vina Sol label
13. Honor L’Empereur Sauternes^ AOC ’10 Bordeaux, France 500ml (#1 dessert) ¥175
14. Sacred Hill Marlborough Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc^ ’12 New Zealand (classic) Bronze Medal ’13 ¥176
15. Sacred Hill Marlborough Barrel Fermented Chardonnay^ ’12 New Zealand (classic) ¥188
16. Coppola Diamond Label Chardonnay^ ’12 Sonoma, California ¥220

1. DB Sacred Hill Sparkling Brut NV SE Australia (#1 Sparkling wine) ¥84
2. Chiaro Prosecco^ IGT NV Veneto Italy (Extra Dry. #2 Prosecco: no w/s page) ¥98
3. Veuve Pelletier Champagne^ AOC NV France (#1 champagne) ¥325

1. Ca Ernesto Rosato ’12 (rosé) Adige Valley, Italy (#2 top selling rosé) ¥88
2. Santa Digna Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé ’12 (#1 New world Rosé) ¥116
3. Zonin Spumante ‘Prosecco’ Rose^ NV (#1 Dry Sparkling Rosé) ¥125

1. Heritage De Baroncourt Rouge ’11 VDP Aude, France (#1 French red) ¥65
2. Firrato Emporio Rosso IGT ’12 (Nero D’volo/ Merlot) Sicily, Italy (New Wine: No w/s page) ¥68
3. Bodegas Alina Emblema Cabernet Sauvignon ’13 Chile (#2 red) ¥68
4. Callia Osaado Shiraz ’12 Argentina (#2 Argentine Shiraz) ¥68
5. Dartois Cotes du Ventoux AOC ’11/12 Rhone, France (#5 red) ¥69
6. DB Sacred Hill Cabernet-Merlot ’10/12 SE Australia (#2 Oz blend) multi award winner ¥83
7. Salentein Portillo Malbec ’12 Argentina Silver medal ’13 & Bronze ’14 ¥85Barolo
8. Chateau De Costis Grand Vin AOC ’12 Entre Deux Mers, Bordeaux, France (New Wine: No w/s page) Commended ’14 ¥115
9. Camino Di Castillo Tempranillo Crianza^ ’08/09 DO Ribero Del Duero, Spain (#2 Spanish red) ¥120
10. Torres Coronas ’08 DO (Tempranillo) Catalunya, Spain (Elegant, aged nicely too) ¥140
11. S&M Tare Rare Carignano Di Sulcis^ ’08 DOC Sardegna, Italy (New. food-orientated wine: T3 at T2 price) ¥178
12. S&M Tanca Farra Cabernet Sauvignon^ ’09 DOC Alghero, Sardegna, Italy (#1 Tier 2 wine; moreish) ¥190
13. Torres Gran Sangre de Toro^ ’09 DO Catalunya, Spain (Infamous Garnacha/Carinena/Syrah) Bronze medal ’13 & ’14 ¥200
14. Torres Celeste^ ’10 Crianza (Tempranillo) DO Ribero Del Duero, Spain (Elegant, T3 wine at T2 price) Commended ’13 ¥240
15. Serafino Barbaresco^ ’09 DOCG Piedmont, Italy (#1 Barbaresco. Big, Elegant, T3 wine at T2 price) ¥250
16. Serafino Barolo^ ’08 DOCG Piedmont, Italy (#1 Barolo. Powerful T4 wine at T3 price) SIWC GOLD Medal ’13 ¥333

Fortified and Liqueurs
1. Bottega Sambuca Bianco Cellini 700ml ¥110
2. Torres 10 YO Brandy^ (Permanent fixture in TWM’s cabinet) 700ml ¥130Grahams LBV x250
3. X Rated (vodka and fruit infusions) France 700ml ¥135
4. Graham’s Port Selection Mini Pack 50ml * 5 different ports ¥200
5. Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage Port^ GOLD Medal ’14 750ml ¥300
6. Graham’s 10 years Old Tawny Port^ GOLD Medal ’12 & Silver ’14 ¥500

  • Can’t see what you want on the list but have reached the ¥2400 threshold? Ask and we’ll try to get it for you at 20% off the retail/standard price. Remember, we also provide 6 different types of WINE GIFT BOXES (for presenting wines as lovely gifts).
    ^ = Great wines for the Christmas dinner table!

Please note:
• This sale is only open to customers with Shanghai delivery addresses…ain’t never bought nothin’; can’t share in the discount.Restricted Access sign
Newbies: Go see the discounted Current Special Offers Mixed Cases at the site for your first purchases.
• Vintages (where shown) are correct at time of publication but are for guidance and are subject to change.
Minimum order ¥2400 (of any mix)
Maximum of 12 of any single product.Free delivery
Spend ¥5000; Get a FREE bottle of Prosecco, a Free Sparkling Wine Keeper & Free Delivery.
Spend ¥7500 Get a FREE bottles of REAL French Champagne, a Free Sparkling Wine Keeper, a Free Wine Keeper & Free Delivery. Wow.
• Cash on delivery, please. Thanks.
Free Delivery over ¥2600.
• Email & sms only. [email protected] or 15001996047. Please ask questions.
Deliveries, by arrangement. Please indicate a couple of preferred Delivery Days / times and we will do our very best, as always, to get the wines to you quickly, painlessly and pleasantly.

  • As always, there are limited amounts of each wine in the sale. When it’s gone; it’s gone.

Unlike some wine ‘festivals’: our bottles never spend a year beside stinky,dodgy traders drying meat and fish, or boil then freeze a week in a tent or a share a weekend with a car-park before prices are SLASHED by ¥3000 on overpriced ¥24,000 bottles! Our wines are well handled, well priced and we’re well acquainted with them. That’s us.

This sale, however, is initially just for our lovely, existing customers. Hopefully, that’s you.

See you soon.

Wine Sale 4 bottles perspectiveNext Flash: Watch out for the 15% Discount Day, the last Wednesday of every month: 15% off all orders above ¥2500 (after discount) on anything we list. See site for details.

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