Fine Party 18 (Tiers 1-3) 18 bottles: with Award Winning Wines

Fine Party 18

Price: ¥2,500

This is the fine party wine collection to end all fine party wine collections. 

We purr just looking at the cast of greats tastes. If this set landed on a doorstep on November 1st, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year really would have come early.

So, with so many continents, styles, price points and occasions represented and catered to, Happy Holidays.

Every base is covered, except perhaps a dessert wine (which is a personal favourite; and even if they are just a little too eclectic for many buyers, we do have them; Icewine / Sauternes, etc). Just ask and we’ll add one. If any of the Bin Ends run out we have very able replacements ready (as always: strength in depth).

If your boss is coming over, blow his socks off with something impressive on the eyeballs and the palate, like the Marchese Di Villamarina DOC . Or keep that one for your self: maybe you deserve a world beater now and again.

Again, just let us know. I’m sure we can fit it in the boxes, or at the very least, replace another wine and simply recalculate the price.

Please click on the wines listed below to extend/retract descriptions.

2x Heritage De Baroncourt VDP Rouge France, Languedoc

A simple fruity glugger with some complexity beyond it’s price-tag. Better than some wines twice its price, but not on our lists of course. Supple, well balanced and fruit-driven with lingering final notes of fruit ripeness that enhance its aromas. Spicy aromas and a blend of red berry fruits. There is a whiff of vanilla on the nose. A deep ruby colour.

Vinification: De-stemming Traditional fermentation with pumping over and strict temperature control. Aged in vats. (Anybody want to know that?)

Food suggestions: Perfect match with many dishes, including barbecue,salads and cheese. Serve at: 17℃-18℃

Apparently, It’s made from Cabernet Franc (50%) and the remainder split equally between Merlot and Syrah, which had me astounded, as I don’t like Merlot!

2x B.P.Rothschild Mapu Cabernet Sauvignon Carmenere Chile, Maipo

Your chance perhaps to have your first glimpse of Carmenere.

We would have to say that The Rothschild forays into Chile have been great for the consumer. They are, in the Mapu range, producing the golden bullet wines we seek: low cost wines punching above their weight in a sturdy, consistent and agreeable way.

Very attractive ruby red with a violet tint. Rich and generous, an explosion of red fruit, blackcurrant and blackberry mingled with subtle, spicy notes. A fresh, round and fruity attack.

Elegantly structured by the Cabernet Sauvignon, on the mid-palate the wine displays the velvet, silky tannins typical of Carmenère picked at optimum ripeness. Very pleasant overall balance, the harmonious finish lingering on the richness and freshness of the fruit.


2x Enrico Serafino Barbera D'Asti DOCG Italy, Piedmont

The Wine Man says: New vintage makes this the best sub ¥100 wine in Shanghai. This is more refined and interesting than anything ¥30 more expensive, from both the old and new world.

Barbera D’Asti is a wine that displays an intense violet colour and typical perfumes of cherries. Intense and rich nose. The typical nice acidity brought by Barbera grapes creates an explosion of cherry and flowers perfumes. It never fails to impress.

Great when first opened, it is absolutely stunning after 1 hours open.

Food Matching: Put it with food and you are in for an ‘experience’. Game and roast meat. Serving temperature 16-17 °C.

1x Chateau Lamargue Costieres de Nimes Cuvee Aegidienne AOC France, Rhone

With a predominance of ripe fruits, with hints of blackcurrant and liquorice; this Cuvee also has some warming spice. The strong tannic structure is dense and substantial, showing great potential for ageing, probably for 4 to 5 years, if you are a little patient. Otherwise, allow the wine to breathe for a few hours.

Food Matching: Can be tasted alone, for the pleasure of experiencing such a substantial wine (and it is rather substantial) but I believe this Cuvee Aegidiene is at it’s best when paired with a substantial and well cooked meal with meat in sauce or game. Fabulous with a beef stroganoff or a rustic European Casserole.

Serving temperature: 20°C,Uncork at least 2 hours before serving for the absolute best results, and it punches above it’s price tag.

1x Torres Ibericos Rioja Crianza DOC Spain, Rioja Silver medal 2014

Youthful crimson red. The aromas of forest fruits and spices. Lovely expression of fruit on the palate with hint of peppery spice. Well-structured with round tannins and elegant finish.

Food Matching: Accompanies roasted meats, stews, Iberian charcuterie, and cured cheeses. Me, I love it with a steak or a hearty casserole.

We are selling this (medium length) oaked Rioja crianza cheaper than we ought. I guess it’s because not enough folks have access to nice wines at decent prices. Go figure. We also sell this in half bottle and magnums. See our PDF long list along with ~800 other wines.

1x Enrico Serafino Barolo DOCG Italy, Piedmont Gold Medal 2013

This famous Italian red is a world renowned, top echelon wine.

It is an elegant and harmonious wine from the Piedmont region of Italy. Expect a very big wine packing an enormous barrage of flavours. The nose: intense liquorice, tobacco and vanilla.

The complex and velvet smooth flavours will reward the patient drinker further and (as with all Barolo) for many years to come.

Food matches: game, roasts, red meats and mature cheeses.

Scoop up these bargains now. It is so rare to find this producer, this vintage, this price.

Robert Parker gives the 2004 vintage 96/100. This wine is that vintage.

1x Salentein Portillo Chardonnay Argentina, Mendoza

Mendoza is the region crowned King in Argentina and there are some expensive wines coming out of that place. This is not one of them. A simple wine that basically does nothing wrong. It’s a safe bet. It won’t bejazzle anyone’s evening nor end up in the sink. It’s chordinary. It’s a goodish price. It’s a safe introduction to Argentina’s whites. other’s said:

An interesting yellow hue endowed with sharp greenish shades. Deeply aromatic wine, combining notes of pear and green apple. Fresh and well balanced, with a long finish.

Food Matching: Ideal to combine with meals from the new light cuisine (whatever that is….). Try it with warm salad and poached seafood (now, that would work).

1x Mannenberg Shiraz South Africa, Stellenbosch

Well, well, well. This bottle was opened on a night when I felt really adventurous. Mannenberg Shiraz thumbVery, very surprisingly good and for little money. The stable-mates both do a great job for little money also, and turn up in restaurants at very reasonable prices too (especially the Chenin Blanc), but due to it’s south African origin, few are aware or interested. Pity.

For me South African red wines can be summed up as ‘Australian with a Earthy French centre’. That’s a broad sweeping statement, true, but that’s my take. The whites are splendidly New World, with Chenin outshining many other (all other?) parts of the world. We found this as the house wine last night (April 2014) in one of our local restaurants (La Mesa in Gao Jing Lu, although we don’t supply it) and it’s great value in such places, too, much like the Chenin Blanc featured earlier from the same producer). What I found in this wine was a new go-to sub ¥100 wine, and worth every bit it’s 16.5pts

June 2014 update: It is always an interesting note worth mentioning when a Wine Man deliberately returns to a wine shortly after testing it formally. Just did that here again with a 2010 bottle. Same response, yet with a little more bottle develop0ment really adding up to produce awesomely well integrated wood to give it a nice elegant polish. 17pts.

1x Enrico Serafino Gavi DOCG Italy, Piedmont

Gavi is among the elite wines of Piedmont and one of the best white wines in the world. 100% Cortese grapes make this delicately scented, full bodied and fresh DOCG wine. There is a distinctive, subtle floral fragrance. The tannins are appealing and there’s plenty of acidity. A perfect partner to fish, risotto and white meats, this wine repays serving cold between 8-10°C.

Folks who try a single bottle in a mixed case become hooked and order them in 6′s from then on. One of our top sellers. A very classy wine indeed, nicely presented, oozing elegance.

We supply this wine to wine bars, who lap it up, because they want that elegance and scarcity element, but mainly because it normally costs a small fortune. Our pleasure…

This wine looks set to be withdrawn from China this year…2013. Hope not, as there’s nothing quite like it our there.

1x Fernway Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand, Marlborough

This is a majestic yet assertive expression of the Sauvignon Blanc grape for which New Zealand has now achieved legendary status. Marlborough is the epicentre of that revolution.

The wine is pale straw in hue, with an impressive aromatic attack of gooseberries, cucumber and asparagus. The flavour profile is complex with wonderful crispness from highly integrated acidity. The long refreshing finish is incredibly more-ish.

Some have commented that it beats NZ masters like Sacred Hill and Oyster Bay hands down. Praise indeed and less than half the price of the latter. Supply issuus whiched dogged the brand in 2010 have been sorted out but I always keep plenty in stock now.

1x Kleine Zalze Vineyard Selection Chenin Blanc South Africa, Stellenbosch Bronze '13 & Commended '14

Straw coloured. Concentrated nose with tropical fruit and honey aromas. Elements of botrytis. Gorgeous big, rich, creamy palate. Layers of flavour – apricots. Noticeable residual sugar, but balanced by good acidity. Complex wine with great length.

There are wines for telling others about because you can’t wait to have someone else experience what you just did. This is that wine for me this year (2011). To the average wine drinker this offering comes from a little known producer in a little known region doing something unheard-of in a barrel with a little known grape (outside France). It knocked my socks off. It’s massive! So great, I literally did not want the bottle to be finished. And now its a an international award winner at Decanter Magazine. Don’t say we didn’t tell you first.

1x Cinzano Prosecco DOC Italy, Veneto

I really find some of these generic tasting notes so funny. This one below, actually understates the case. When I give a taste of this Cinzano Prosecco to folks every single person drinks, smiles and has a refill. The finish is the killer. It’s the honey flavours. So fresh and fun through the attack and middle but what a moreish finish. Bubbles is always satisfying, but unlike Champagnes which can be quite heavy (if there’s a lot of Pinot Noir in the blend), Proseccos are lighter and fresher, and the fruit seems always vibrant with a nice balancing acidity.

That’s me; a Prosecco fan.

Here’s what the notes said:

“A brut sparkling wine created from predominately Prosecco grapes in the northern Veneto region of Italy in the foothills of the Alps. It is crisp and clean with overtones of citrus, melon, lemon, almonds, and honey. It pairs nicely with seafood, salads and light pastas. Enjoy a traditional Bellini cocktail and mix it with some peach puree.”

(Oh, yes, and it’s fun to drink it. The Wine Man)

1x Zonin Sparkling (Spumante) Rose DOC Italy, Veneto

This has wings. Flies out the door every spring and summer. This is what we drink at home when there’s a birthday or other special. We call it Pink Prosecco which it is in everything but name. Here’s what the web tells us:

A lightly-coloured sparkling rose with a fine, persistent & seductively delicate perlage (That means a nice ‘mousse’ or bubbles to you and me). Pleasant, intense and fruity, evoking memories of wisteria flowers and Renetta apples. (That means it smells nice too). Well-blended and delightful. On the palate it is soft and smooth with floral notes and a hint of almond. (All true!)

Food Matching: Excellent as an aperitif and an ideal accompaniment to hors d’oeuvres risottos, fragrant fried food and grilled fish. (and if memory serves, dishes with a cream sauce, shellfish, sole/halibut, salmon, tuna, Mild cheese and cream based dips).

1x Grahams Fine Ruby Port Portugal, Douro

Every now and then a sip of port transports the drinker to a special place. And it keeps for ages! Grahams is one of the world’s renowned producers continually making award winning ports.

Intensely aromatic with ripe red and black berries aromas. Full-bodied, luscious black cherry flavours with excellent balance and an intense finish.

Good match for aperitif with snacks, with dark chocolate or fruit dessert, or with a light blue cheese.

1x Torres 10 Brandy Spain

You can tell I did not write this:

With the passing of time the elegant, round overtones of oak are fused, in close harmony with the strong spirituous aroma of venerable distillates that give character to Torres 10, Gran Reserva.
Dark topaz-coloured, with fine old gold tints. Of strong aroma, it displays an intense bouquet – more spiritual than spirituous – with warm hints of spices (cinnamon, vanilla). On the palate it is round and rich in tannins, developing towards a lush and lingering aftertaste.

However, I buy this Brandy and drink it, over and over and over again. Perfect 10.

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