F&B Consultancy


LW Wines works with a number of bars, restaurants and institutions to provide advice, products and training to suit many unique circumstances with varied requirements.

Service Package (main segments)
· Wine service
· Interior Decoration advice
· Food suggestions and events catering arranged
· Marketing & HR

The wine man designs wine menus for bars and restaurants, LW wines can provide (bi-lingual) training for staff, including wine care, preparation and wine management skills. We even help bars to market themselves to new clientèle and have been known to muck in during busy periods serving in the establishments; leading by example…

The wine man provides close consultation on many facets of the F&B business to owners and managers with on-going fixed (or piece by piece) support. Sometimes we just provide wines; sometimes it’s a full service package.

We have experience in fully catering for major functions for corporate clients with both food, beverages and service. Our highly motivated and personable fluent English speakers (usually native English speakers) are trained for all aspects the job might throw at them, such as wine knowledge, serving, engaging with clients. For these kinds of events we provide pretty much everything from fridges/coolers/glasses/corkscrews/food/beverages (beer, wine & soft drinks)/Ice and cleaning products.

We supply charities and institutions with low cost/high quality consumables for their own events for them to sell themselves or we can serve.

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