Enrico Serafino (Tier 1-3) 6 btls (includes a GOLD Medal Barolo) BIN END

Enrico Serafino (1st & 2nd & 3rd Tier Wines)


Pack Quantity:


Price: ¥1,100

When our current stock is depleted, the last of these top drawer Serafino wines of Piedmont will be all gone. They are pulling out of China. We re-instated the REDUCED line-up for this, part of my Italian Fantasy case, for a swansong.

2012 Gavi, 2012 Barbera D’Asti. The (Gold Medal Awarded) Barolo 2008 & Barbaresco 2009.

Unavailable anywhere else in the country at our prices and soon to be all gone, we lament the phasing out of this producer’s forays to the Middle Kingdom.

For now, enjoy the familiar landscape of 1 each of a Barolo, a Barbaresco & a Barbera and 3  Gavi .

The Barolo remains 2008 and Barbaresco remains 2009. Luckily for us, ‘the greater and the good’ who drink EVERYTHING and then tell us mere mortals what to think, have announced both 2008 and 2009 to be great early drinking years for those respective styles, meaning we don’t have to wait for them to be approachable.

So, we have a slew of the remnants of these top drawer wines of the Piedmont region.

Enrico Serafino first founded its wine making estate in 1878 and soon became one of the most outstanding producers of Piedmont region in Italy. Today we are the only retail source for this sensational producer in Shanghai and we offer these styles of important and renowned wines at a price that is unavailable anywhere else.

Please click on the wines listed below to extend/retract descriptions.

1x Barolo DOCG GOLD Medal 2013

This famous Italian red is a world renowned, top echelon wine. It is an elegant and harmonious wine from the Piedmont region of Italy.

Expect a very big wine packing an enormous barrage of flavours.  The nose has intense liquorice, tobacco and vanilla. The complex and velvet smooth flavours will reward the patient drinker further and as with all Barolo, for many years to come. Food matches are game, roasts, red meats and mature cheeses.

I decant these and allow to breathe for at least 5 hours, getting as much air in as I can to speed up glass readiness. It is necessary, if you intend not to wait until full maturity for these wines are built to last for decades, many arousing from their slumber after 10 or 20 years in the bottle.

Barolo (region) 2004 scores 96/100 by Robert Parker. That score has been beaten once in the past 15 years.

Sept 2013: We are currently offering the 2008.

2x Barbaresco DOCG

Our Serafino Barbaresco is a mouthwatering treat. And no-one else has it. We have here a serious wine for you, at a seriously under-priced.

Barbaresco is one of the world’s most important wines. This Special Italian red is a rich, austere and seriously structured wine from the Piedmont region of Italy. The nose has intense Violets and spices. The complex and velvet smooth flavours will reward the patient drinker further (and for many years). We are talking here strong food matches with game, grilled meats or cheeses.

Customer Reviews for the 2005:

December 2010: “Continued to improve for 6 days on opening; a seriously energetic decanting would bring that forward but also reduce it’s de-corked bottle-life a little.”

August 2011: “no decanting, no breathing and wham! a massive sensational success for the 14 gathered tasters.”

Customer Reviews for the 2007:

September 2011: “After 5 hours breathing (no decanting) this was a superbly complex and well balanced treat.”

October 2011: by sms from client: “This 2007 Barbaresco rocks! It is the magical one. Subjective or objective this bottle is the best.”

Barbaresco 2005 scored 93/100 by Robert Parker.

The 2007 is an even better, ‘outstanding’ 96/100 and early maturing too, so what do we need to wait for? NOTHING. Barbaresco has achieved ‘outstanding’ once in the last decade and this is that vintage. Lets hope prices don’t soar around the world as word gets out about this newly released gem.

Sept 2013: We are currently offering the 2009.

6x Barbera D’Asti DOCG

Barbera D’Asti is a wine that displays an intense violet colour and typical perfumes of cherries. Intense and rich nose. The typical nice acidity brought by Barbera grapes creates an explosion of cherry and flowers perfumes. It never fails to impress.

Food Matching: Put it with food and you are in for an ‘experience’. Game and roast meat. Serving temperature 16-17 °C.

It hails from the same stable as the Barbaresco and Barolo above. (The latter selling in Xintiandi for ¥880 a bottle, in 2010).

Experiment with mixing this wine with Serafino Barbaresco (after a Swiss guy suggested it). Oh My Gosh – goes the vernacular. Heaven.

The Wine Man says: This is the best sub-¥150 wine in Shanghai: more refined and interesting than anything costing ¥40 to ¥60 more, from either the old or new world.

September 2013: We believe this wine will no longer be imported into SH after the current vintage is exhausted, so technically, it is a Bin End (but we have about 50 bottles).

April 2014: New 2011 Vintage tested. report to be posted soon. Early bird word: Yum Yum. Frensh and vibrant and so silky smooth.

3x Gavi DOCG

Gavi is among the elite wines of Piedmont and one of the best white wines in the world. Gavi normally costs a fortune because of that.

100% Cortese grapes make this delicately scented, full bodied and fresh DOCG wine. There is a distinctive, subtle floral fragrance. The tannins are appealing and there is most certainly, plenty of acidity to provide backbone and liveliness, as one would expect in Italy. A perfect partner to fish, risotto and white meats, this wine repays serving cold between 8-10°C.

Folks who try a single bottle in a mixed case become hooked and order them in 6’s from then on. One of our top sellers. A very classy wine indeed, nicely presented, oozing elegance and just a tad ‘enigmatic’, if you never tasted it before.

This wine comes from our well received and historic Serafino stable. His Barbera D’Asti and Dolcetto D’Albi entry level red wines are a masterclass in the complete package and at very good value. The step up to his Nebbiolo based Barbaresco and Barolo takes one into sublime territory; both are world beaters.

Feb 2013: We supply these to wine bars, restaurants and shops in fancy compounds, who lap them up, mainly because it so near impossible to find such quality at this level of value.

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