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October 14th: We just discovered today that Enrico Serafino Barolo won a GOLD at the Shanghai IWC (International Wine Challenge) and the WHOLE winery at Sella & Mosca won the prestigious award for Italian winemaker of the year in Italy, and we didn’t even know. Man!

Every year over 200 judges ogle, sniff and sip their way through thousands of bottles of vino over several days in a very large room in London. Then they tell us what they thought about it.

Gold DecanterWe are interested because some of the wines they judge; we sell. What they have to say about those wines goes some way to marking how we are doing. It’s a nervy few minutes as we begin to scan the awards lists. So, how did we do this year? Scroll down to see the list.

Well, we can report that we are stunned. It was amazing last year, 2013, when over 50 of our wines were awarded: this year we currently have 91 (and counting). It can’t help but instil a sense of satisfaction about the wines we choose to list. It represents about 110 of our wines; over 10% of our Longlist, which you can find on our home page if you have a few hours to peruse…Flechas Gran Malbec

Silver DecanterWell, as we continued looking at those (and other awards) we found more winners…at Decanter, at The Concourse du Bruxelles, at the International Wine Challenge, Regional competitions, Local competitions, you name it! There is a point when we just can’t take the time to scour the world any longer looking for these awards, but you get the gist. A lot of our wines are turning heads.

In the last 2 years alone, 127 products (15% of our current listed wines) have won major international awards, when most of them were not even entered into competition. Globally, that is repeated. The vast majority of wines are not entered. A great number of those that do win medals are unavailable in China. That all adds up to make ‘our medal haul’ even more astonishing.

Bronze DecanterUnlike at the Olympics, the Decanter judges award a lot fewer Gold medals than Silver; and the same then goes for Silver and Bronze, and so on. So we are pretty happy that we see so many awarded Silver and Bronze medallions.

You can see by date after the award which year the award was given. This tally is from the last 18 months, which reveals some of last year’s winners too. Useful, as some of those wines can still be found. We are having a peek into the archive at 2012’s winners too.

commended AWARDNow we can begin to see who is winning regularly too.

Many wines have actually won awards for at least the last two consecutive years (which is as long as we have been noting which wines were winning at this globally esteemed event) and each time we look at the winners lists, we discover yet more wines that are among our offerings.

Of course, all wines around the world do not enter competition and many of ours (the vast majority) do not either. Yet we do take some professional satisfaction that so many of our wines are, in a number of learned judges opinions, ‘winners’ and we can certainly take that as a mark of something positive for our selection efforts.

Awarded wines 2014 update October 15Here is the latest, compact list of Our Awarded Wines. Click here and you’ll get one an easier size to read.

As you will see there are 31 Commended Wines, 45 Bronze medals, 33 Silver medals & 7 Gold medals. The other awards are from IWC, Gamero Rosso, Concourse de Bruxelles, etc.

Expect this list to get overhauled once we have finished looking at the 2012 results, which have already given us some pleasant surprises. This list is correct as of 15 October 2014.


Enjoy. TWM



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