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Expanding from the consultation work that we do for businesses, LWwines is now offering the service to private clients in their own homes and offices.

Exclusive consultation with a qualified professional in the field of Wine & Spirits Educatold world new world corksion is essential when considering an extensive wine cellar. Only a qualified professional can pose the correct questions to determine client requirements. Our wine man, Gary, has those qualifications; having studied  through the Wine and Spirits Education Trust‘s programme in the UK.

He has held the qualifications for over 25 years and during that time, acquired an even greater, and more extensive knowledge of all the major wine producing regions of the world. He is also well versed in the China marketplace, successfully running his own wine business in Shanghai. He can help private collectors, connoisseurs and wine lovers themselves, to acquire properly handled, genuine, examples of the world’s most prestigious fine wines without the need or risk associated with searching,selecting and procuring.

These detailed discussions and Home and Office visits are now offered as part of the LWwines service. The Wine Man can visit you at your convenience in your home or workplace to discuss your wine cellar requirements. Gary is offering this service across China.

cellar ideasSimply make an appointment using the contact form, stating your general wine requirements and interests, and suitable times for consultations. You will receive a reply within 24 hours. This service is available and intended for customers who wish to develop a sizeable wine cellar.

Please note that our basic consultation wine cellar service is solely for the supply of advice and wines. Construction materials and cellar devices do not form part of the service, but where required we are able to source electrical environmental control devices. If consultation requires liaising with architects and construction managers, this will attract a higher negotiable fee.

The process is expected to take several weeks. Over that period multiple personal meetings and correspondence are envisaged to ensure that the clients needs are completely understood, agreed and met. Consultation will take the form of face to face meetings and through communication platforms, such as Skype. Organising and paying for travel arrangements and hotel expenses (if any) are normally to be the responsibility of clients.

As a guide, this means that this service will appeal to clients expecting a budget in the region of upwards of ¥50,000. Clients pay an advance deposit of ¥20,000.


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