CNY Flash Sale: 1 week: NOW CLOSED

Here is a copy of the NewsFlash email that went out to existing customers only: January 29th 2014: CNY Sale

Dear Valued Customers, Announcing the latest Flash Sale to welcome the Year of the Horse. From January 29 to February 6th, combine any of these 24 selected wines with any of the promotion cases at the foot of the newsletter; so long as the minimum order value is reached. Numbers are limited. When it’s gone, it’s gone.


1.    Heritage de Baroncourt BlancVDP’11 (full, fresh French) ¥68

  1. CopperstoneSemillon/Chardonnay ’12 (light Aussie blend) ¥68
  2. C. JacobRiesling ’11 (#1 German dry white) ¥88
  3. Torres Mas RabellParellada Blanco DO ’12 (lovely, zesty Spanish) ¥118
  4. FernwayMarlborough Sauvignon Blanc ’12 (#1 NZ favourite) ¥118
  5. Alsina SardaCAVABrut (new Spanish DO Cava) ¥128
  6. Santa DignaGewuztraminer ’12 (#1 Gewurz & Riesling blend strunner) ¥128
  7. TorresViña Esmeralda DO ’12 (award winning Muscat / Gewurz blend) ¥148
  8. Abadal Picapoll DO ’12 (classy, flavoursome, Spanish dry) ¥168
  9. Veuve Pelletier Champagne AOC (#1 French Champagne) ¥318


1.    Zonin SpumanteRosato(#1 dry, prosecco-style rosé) ¥128


1.    Dartois VentouxAOC ’11 (#1 French, spice) ¥68

  1. Heritage de Baroncourt Rouge VDP ’11 (#2 hearty French) ¥68
  2. CopperstoneShiraz ’11 (soft, fruity Aussie) ¥68
  3. Serafino Barbera D’Asti DOCG ’09 (#1 Italian) ¥88
  4. Torres Tres Tinto DO ’11 (soft Spanish Catalunya blend) ¥108
  5. Torres Mas Rabell Garnacha Tinto DO ’11 (lovely, warm Catalunya blend) ¥118
  6. Santo CristoGarnacha DO ’09(classy, bright Spanish) ¥128
  7. TorresCoronas DO ’08 (aged Tempranillo) ¥148
  8. Torres Ibericos Rioja CrianzaDOC ’09/10 (#1 Rioja) ¥148
  9. Abadal Cabernet / Merlot CrianzaDO ’09 (classy new Spanish blend) ¥168
  10. Sella& MoscaCarignano Di Sulcis Reserva DOC ’08 (silky, aged Italian) ¥198
  11. Serafino Barbaresco DOCG ’09 (#1 Piedmont, bold, alluring) ¥258
  12. CVNEVina Real Rioja ReservaDOC ’05 (respected, aged Spanish blend) ¥268

Please note the rules for this promotion:

·         Minimum order: ¥2500 (Pudong, ¥2800) of any bottles.

  • Free Shipping in Puxi; ¥50 in Pudong.
  • Cash on delivery.
  • Open to existing customers only.
  • This sale is for private buyers: No b2b or corporate.
  • Order by website contact form, email([email protected]) & sms (15001996047).

·         Delivery: to suit (please provide day & time & a 2nd choice)                             TWM

Spanish Sensations

 (Tiers 1 and 2) 6 bottles

Save ¥180 off the Market price and ¥60 off our standard price

20+% Discount

A mix of Spanish styles, modern & old. This is a great introduction to the Spanish love affair born of varying the elements of fruit, acid & oak so brilliantly captured in a windswept, sun-baked land of parched skies, altitude and sunshine: 1 tier 1 & 5 tier 2 wines. Read More.




Fine Party 18
(Tiers 1-3) 18 bottles

Save ¥460 off the Market price of 2835/ ¥125 off our standard price.

21+% Discount

If this set landed on a doorstep next week, Christmas 2014 really would have come early. This is the fine party wine collection to end them all. Every base covered, except perhaps a dessert wine (though we do have them! Just ask and we’ll add one.). So, with so many continents, styles, price points and occasions represented & catered to. Happy Holidays. Read more.


Classy Party 12
(Tier 1 & 2)12 bottles
Save ¥320 off the Market price (¥1663) & ¥70 off our Standard Price.
19% Discount

Everyday & more serious wines mixed together, covering all the bases for the Festive season (or any gatherings). It is packed with wines we drink all the time and a couple I keep for special occasions.More details here.




Taster Pack 2
(Tiers 1 & 2) 12 bottles

¥60 off our usual price & ¥246 off the Market Price

20% Discount

Old and New World side by side: a distinctive range of styles at great value. It is difficult to believe that one or two of these wines are even in the first tier and it shows that 1st tier doesn’t mean second rate. Some seriously good wines here with awards from major publications. read more  


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