Winter Bazaar at WISS (Puxi, Shanghai) Dec 3rd

Saturday December 3rd, 10am to 4pm.     555 Lian Min Lu. Xujing, Qingpu. Shanghai

Western International School of Shanghai

We set up ‘shop’ and offered Free tasters on Bucks Fizz, Sparkling Wines, and a whole host of reds and whites. We changed the set-up we had for Lakeside event last week even though the Oddbins feel at Lakeside looked beautiful in the sunlight..

As always, anyone ordering 12 bottles on the day received a discount. 7.5% this time (because I am CEO, COO, CFO, head of marketing, logistics & personnel  and I made very authoritative decisions on prices based on the avoidance of giving out change. Some guys ended up with 4 layers of discount. Wonder if I made any money?

Should have been be much a better event this year, because…

a) It was  held on a Saturday. ( last year it was a Sunday ) Was much better.

b) It was meant to be quieter (no deafening over-long Art Auction). It wasn’t any better. I had such a headache at the end.

c) We were there for the whole event. (not just half) and boy was I tired that evening with head still thumping.

d) It was a whole week before the BISS fair. (Last year was day after so, no grumpy tired vendor this time except for the demonic Head-teacher and the over-loud PA System). I did mention to staff it but was told it was my job to go tell the sound guy. I was so busy with shouting at customers to be hreard I couldn’t leave my stall.

All in all, really looked froward to it and we met a lot of very nice folks, sold a lot of wine. Still room for improvement on those confounded PA spells. Go figure!

Here are 3 wines we were tasting:

De Bortoli Sacred Hill Sparkling Brut  our top selling Fizzy

Emblema Cabernet Sauvignon new kid on the block for a ridiculous RMB60

De Bortoli Sacred Hill Chardonnay gold winning gem. our top selling white.

Next week BISS.

The Wine Man November 2011

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