“South American Stars Pack”: (Tier 1-3) 12 btls HUGE upgrade

South American Stars (Tier 1,2&3) 12 Bottles

The already impressive case just got a massive upgrade to the status its name deserves with an influx of new, award winning, red wines. A fabulous vertical line-up of intriguing South American icons (and new comers) from tiers 1, 2 & 3. A veritable feast of experiences with our seal of approval and at a neat value point. We are very proud to create and present this selection of treats. We love all the wines in this pack. You will too.

Price: ¥1,899

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“The Nibbles Pack”: (Tier1&2) 12 btls

Taster Pack 2 (1st Tier Wines)

Old and New World side by side: a distinctive range of styles at great value. It is difficult to believe that one or two of these wines are even in the first tier and it shows that 1st tier doesn’t mean second rate. Some seriously good wines here with awards from major publications.

Price: ¥1,100

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“The Starter Pack”: (Tier 1&2) 12 btls

Thumbnail image for “The Starter Pack”: (Tier 1&2) 12 btls

We have updated and redesigned and doubled the size of this pack in a neat variety of styles. Now a Global Pack; popular wines are joined by a top selling Aussie Sparkler, a couple of interesting everyday wines, including our top selling red wines from both Italy & France, and a renowned, elegant AWARD Winning Italian white. See Inside for details.

Price: ¥1,037

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# WINE CLUB: The ‘Third Way’

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Club Wine Offerings now include a ‘third way’ personal service, running since October 2014. Tell us you want to receive a case of 12 wines (minimum) each month. We’ll discuss your favourites (and likely future favourites), your comfortable average spend per bottle and ratios of reds to whites to roses to Sparkling wines; to assemble a base list from which to select your wines each month. The changing mixes of wines will be brought to your place in multiples of 12 bottles on a set date.

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12 Sauvignons Blanc (Tier 1 & 2) 12 btls

12 Sauvignons Blanc (1st & 2nd Tier Wines)

Single varietal mixed cases provide great comparison-tasting opportunities: 1 Old World & 5 New World (Fernway, New Zealand; San Medin, Chile; Robert Mondavi Woodbridge, California; Hemisferio, Chile; Baron Philippe de. Rothschild, France. Santa Digna, Chile).

Price: ¥1,425

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Cabernet Sauvignon Pack (Tier 1 & 2) 6 btls

Thumbnail image for Cabernet Sauvignon Pack (Tier 1 & 2) 6 btls

Carefully put together for our customers who want to to take their wine appreciation to the next level; maybe looking for the differences between continents, regions, producers. Each is different, while each retains the typicality of a true, crafted Cabernet without breaking the bank. Discover the tantalizing & mysterious, breadth & depth within the wine world. A case for the adventurous & the curious.

Price: ¥1,050

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Classy Party 12 (Tier 1 & 2) 12 bottles

Classy Party 12

Everyday and more serious wines mixed together, covering all the bases for the Festive season (or any gatherings). It is packed with wines we drink all the time and a couple we keep for special occasions.

Price: ¥1,500

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De Bortoli Australian Taster Pack (Tier 1) 12 btls: REDUCED

Thumbnail image for De Bortoli Australian Taster Pack (Tier 1) 12 btls: REDUCED

The Holy Trinity from the Sacred Hill range by De Bortoli is always ¥120 less than the retail price (except when we slash it further during promotions: like now!). Award Winning wines. Includes Shanghai Marriott’s House Red. Honoured as Winestate Magazine’s Australian Winery of the year 2010. We love De Bortoli. Also in the Sacred Hill range: Shiraz (a bronze medal winner) & Cabernet-Merlot (silver Medal Winner). BTW, their Family Selection range is the same wine in a different package.

Price: ¥1,125

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Fine Party 18 (Tiers 1-3) 18 bottles: with Award Winning Wines

Fine Party 18

Last chance to catch this collection? Not really; we have strength in depth. And Award Winners here, too. The fine party wine collection to end them all, covering so many bases (except perhaps a dessert wine, though we do have them! Just ask.). With so many continents, styles, price points and occasions represented and catered to, it makes for a marvellously diverse adventure.

Price: ¥2,500

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French Taster Pack 12 Bottles (Tier 1&2)

French Taster Pack

Introduced in February 2015, we’ve strung together some gems here. It’s pretty much a journey through French wine. The variety of styles and grapes is a perfect roster for anyone wanting to explore the Gallic perspective. Famous families, Awards Winners, legends: together at a very reasonable price level with some smaller producers. Now that’s what I call a French Connection. Some lovely French replacements waiting in the wings, as some of these are bound to run out this year.

Price: ¥1,300

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Whites Taster Pack (Tier 1) 12 bottles: Price Reduced & revamped with flexible options

Whites Taster Pack (Tier 1) 12 bottles

REDESIGN plus request options: Popular New & Old World tier 1 whites. 3 Chardonnays in various styles, without ‘oakiness’ including a regular award winner; 1 blended with Sauvignon Blanc. Also includes a tasty fresh Sauvignon Blanc and an elegant Pinot Grigio.

Price: ¥1,050

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X-15% DISCOUNT DAY : June 24th 2015 Now deleted/Cancelled.

June 13, 2015
Thumbnail image for X-15% DISCOUNT DAY : June 24th 2015 Now deleted/Cancelled.

Did you miss the previous one? That’s all wine under the bridge. Discount Day repeats every last Wednesday of every month except July (we’ll all be on a beach). The DISCOUNT DAY Offer is a massive, predictable, regular discount off the actual items you select. If it’s not your cup of tea, see the other great suggestions, testimonials & offers on our site, but remember, in many circumstances the best discounts are usually only available to existing customers.

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X-FlashSale October 9 2015

October 9, 2015

Here’s another FLASHSALE for 3 days started today at 1pm Friday October 9. Did you get your invitation email? Order 3 bottles of the same wine for the prices shown. Minimum purchase: 12 bottles altogether. Sparkling 1. DB Sacred Hill Sparkling Brut SE Australia ¥85 2. Chiaro Prosecco Veneto Italy ¥100 3. Zonin Spumante ‘Prosecco’ […]

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X-SALE: 15% off our Decanter Magazine AWARD Winners 2014 ENDS October 31 2014

October 31, 2014
Thumbnail image for X-SALE: 15% off our Decanter Magazine AWARD Winners 2014 ENDS October 31 2014

This year 15% discount is offered off the list price our AWARD WINNER WINES ( HERE ). Open to all our Shanghai customers, between October 16th and October 31st. Minimum Spend is ¥2000 (after discount). Spend over ¥3000 (after discount) and get a Free bottle of Champagne and Free Delivery in Shanghai, too. email us only for this sale.

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X-Secret Flash sale Sept 2015: CLOSED

September 15, 2015
Thumbnail image for X-Secret Flash sale Sept 2015: CLOSED

SSHHHHH: Our Secret Sale (only for customers/newsletter subscribers, who received an email: check the rules in there) is NOW CLOSED Sparkling DB Sacred Hill Sparkling Brut SE Australia ¥85 Chiaro Prosecco Veneto Italy ¥100 Zonin Spumante ‘Prosecco’ Rose Veneto Italy ¥115 Veuve Pelletier Champagne AOC France ¥310 White Callia Osaado Chardonnay Argentina ¥68 Bodegas Alina Emblema […]

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