Blind Tastings: an objection to a subjective view: redux

August 26, 2016
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For the most part, groups often displayed elements of disharmony, brought about by some perceived skill and knowledge disparity. Rather than an open, exploratory forum fostering growth; simplistic, defensive positions often arose. In short, attendees felt unsettled during the experience and I had no desire to be in a room full of people who either didn’t want to be there or who wanted to crow louder than anyone else

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Whines/Gripes 4: ‘Flakey Owners’ bane

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Growth through life experience is like eating a bag of Revels, blindfolded: you never know when you’ll get the one you actually want. They each bring sensual trepidation; unless you happen not to like blindfolded Russian Roulette, Revel style, or any other. This particular Gripe might come across like a parody of a stereotype wearing the xenophobic veil of cynicism. I know…that’s maybe to some extent what a gripe ought to be, but it still irks somewhat to be appearing to be doing it.

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Protected: Whines/Gripes: A New Bar: a New Hope?

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Whines/Gripes: Buyer Beware 1: Counterfeit!

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Turning a blind eye to criminality when it’s just a handbag, seems acceptable for the majority of Expats I talk to. Part of being in China. Almost a perk. So is it churlish of me to make a comment about it? If only that were all there was to it. We all know that outside of the inherent greed behind buying knowingly counterfeited or stolen goods (even if one’s conscience chooses to ignore it) there’s a bigger picture here of sweatshops, child labour and syndicated crime to consider.

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Whines/Gripes: Buyer Beware pt. 2: Smuggled and Cooked

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Last time I raged on and on like a newly arrived malcontent about the ugliness of counterfeiting, fakery, deception and the complicit nature of some in our community in that facet of commerce. I don’t suppose that won many supporters among shop-a-holics, consumption-a-holics and materialism-a-holics. Sorry about that, but I believe someone needs to say […]

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Whines/Gripes: Market Encounters

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China is a tricky place to do business. Shanghai, doubly so. Stereotypes are regularly re-enforced in business and non-business transactions. Lying, for example, is commonly considered to be a reasonable weapon in the business arsenal. Trust is like hen’s teeth. It shocked me at first.

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Whines/Gripes: The Wild East: redux

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“I am sure the stories about non payment, poor quality & handling, fake wines, China being the place to offload crap or old wines, rip-offs, etc, will continue and maybe even get worse. I come across common examples of poor handling, terrible knowledge and non existence of service among most operators and their staff. It’s the Wild East!

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Whines/Gripes: Wine’s Holy Grail?

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There is a deep, unflinching perception: China, is the Holy Grail of Wine markets. Cash everywhere, a burgeoning middle class and local product that stinks. Consequently, a whole host of locals & foreigners are setting themselves up as…

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