Wineducation: Beginner’s Guide to Wine: An Infographic

Here’s an infographic we found. It’s a little bit ‘hit and miss’, but worth a look.

To be honest, we don’t see no value at all in the ‘colouring’ area of the chart, given that Malbec is certainly about as far from being Pink as can be imagined…and personally think the glass shape issue is about the most non-sensical here: it’s just not reasonable to have all those glasses in one restaurant; one wine bar or certainly one home. Maybe at The Ritz..?

We believe there’s another infographic posted earlier, dealing with the flavours found in wines, but think the producers missed a trick in omitting that from this chart.

That said, the infographic almost does what it aims to do, which is to enable easy access to a wealth of information quickly and succinctly in a simple-to-digest form. See what you think.

A Beginner

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