About LWwines

  • We supply the broadest range of fine quality, estate-bottled wines from all over the globe to homes & businesses across Shanghai & China, direct, by the mixed case (usually) and below retail price. And we love doing it.
  • We demand the highest standards in ethics & quality control from our supply chain; including storage & logistics, working only with those businesses with a proven track record (who behave ethically & know what they are doing). It matters to us & we think it matters to you. And it doesn’t have to cost any more money.

Why do people Choose Us?

We care about our product
Our product is good (& real)
We care about our clients
We do what we say

These 4 tenets are enshrined in what we do.

Our Independence

We have evolved a tome…Keep it small, Keep it good.Tell your friends

Our business model enables us to undercut the retail price for all of our listings. Contradicting the norm, we promote low, stable prices for long periods. We know of no other company that uses our model.

Independence means we choose what to list. Free of ‘exclusivity deals’, which can introduce too many poor wines for too long, at elevated prices; minimising choice & value.

Our total independence means that if the quality of any single product drops (or there’s upward price pressure), we note it; and we can say so because we are unconcerned by the sales outcomes of any particular wine. We can remain objective. We might even declassify status, or de-list wines completely if a wine reveals any negatives.

Regular wine buffs and infrequent drinker wine novices choose us. WHY? They can plainly see that we offer real wines at great value, with honesty.

Don’t just take our word for it. Ask around. Check out all the other online sellers and retail shops in this vast city to see how they compare on service, quality & price. (Testimonials here).            _________________

Wisdom with Ethics: 30 years of product knowledge tells us which are the right wines, at the right prices. It also tells us which products to avoid: Bankrupt, out of date stock, counterfeits and dodgy deals are not for us. We also ignore unfathomable bulk wines, which can literally be ‘anything’. Others may operate in the murky world of fakery, misrepresentation and low quality. That’s their choice. We even talk about it, in the Grapevine (our perspective of the way things are versus how they ought to be). Some fear speaking about the issues tarnishes the high brow sheen of the industry. Fine by us. We choose honesty and transparency.            __________

Quality Matters

At LWwines.com we focus on estate-bottled wines from around the globe. Some are world brands. Some are up & coming wineries. ALL are legal (with all that that entails in SH). This simple brochure site has clear, helpful information to purchase pleasant, keenly priced wines. We very rarely advertise; ‘word of mouth’ from satisfied customers are our favourite promotional tool. No gimmicks, flashing nonsense, pop-ups, unrelated ads or eternal sales pitches from us.

Value = Quality / Price

Most of our wines are available well below market/retail prices; near the wholesale price. On this site we recommend almost 200 wines of especially notable value, (taken from our extensive downloadable 780+ long list) which forms the recommended short list. We believe they will meet your requirements for improving your wine drinking experience.


The prices quoted here and on our PDF are our ‘Standard Price’ which in most cases are below the retail price and yet most of our wines sell below our standard prices too. Our long list is a PDF which you can download from the right side of each page.

Our Themed Mixed cases on special offer have the greatest value and are regularly offered around 20% off the retail price of the very same wines elsewhere. These are actually DOUBLE DISCOUNTED, so, grab ’em while they last.

Buy better quality wines direct from us and save.

  • Buy the best valued, quality wines in the city!
  • Sidestep SH’s commonly, over-inflated price tag, especially on Classed Growths with our commitment to ethical French wine pricing.
  • Though I say it myself, hand on heart, we maintain consistently better value (and wine quality) across our entire range than is found anywhere else in Shanghai. Quality wines from just ¥75 (and often even lower during sales and promotions.)
  • Over the years our wines have one hundreds of awards at the Decanter Magazine wine awards, including Gold, Silver & Bronze medals and Special Value awards.


Gold DecanterSilver DecanterBronze Decantercommended AWARD Our Wines Win BIG!!!

Some 90+ of our wines are among the world’s elite, earning International confirmation of their value: winning, ‘commended’, ‘Gold, Silver & Bronze’ medals. Pricing for those winners’ start as low as ¥90. And now existing customers will be able to order any of them at 10% discount off our below Retail standard Price! There’s much to get excited about. If we combine years winners and this years, we see that around 20% of the wines we list are award winners in the last 2 years alone. And most of our wines are not even entered into competition.

Ask about our Monthly Wine Club. 2 options (or combine) the Standard 12 or our aformentioned super Taster Packs!

If you require direct advice or service, please contact The Wine Woman directly: [email protected] . Some customers even make up their own fixed priced. personalised monthly orders (¥1,000 min) of 6, 12, or 18 bottles.


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