Choose your own discount…until June REMOVED


We are getting creative (so you can enjoy what suits you). Did you know there are ongoing discount opportunities for every circumstance? Choose from a variety of discount levels that suits you best, based on your requirements.


7.5% discounts are available off our standard prices, for ‘first purchases’ to new subscribers of our newsletter. Simply complete the sign up and you’ll be directed to the discount voucher . Tell your friends. New subscribers only.

Wine Sale 4 bottles perspective12.5% discount is available off our standard prices on ordering a minimum of 12 bottles during any 3 consecutive months until July 2014. Discount for all the sales is computed & deducted on the final order subtotal, before delivery charges (if any). Select from our longlist PDF of ~800 wines or our limited selection at this site. Open to everyone, whether subscribers or not. Just mention that this is how you’d like to do things when we contact you.

20%+ discounts off the retail prices are available on purchases of our current special offer mixed cases. Order at the site. Open to everyone, whether subscribers or not.

And then there are the Monthly Wine Club offerings, here and here. a sample gaggle of the wine-club-standard-12 mixThese are both around 20% discounted off retail prices. Order at the site. we’ll contact you to explain further and make arrangements. Open to everyone.

And then there are the Flash Sales which pop up unexpectedly, with flexible discount rates, usually just for existing customers and not b2b…2 are scheduled before the end of June..Keep an eye open for the Flash sales sms or emails. Here is an example. Sometimes these are open to existing customers only, sometimes we make them available to everyone, except b2b.

And then there are the Informal Discounts, where there are no hard and fast rules in place, but we just apply at our discretion to large orders (usually ¥4000+) for our existing customers only, who regularly order and whose orders tend to average around 48 to 60 bottles. economics like that enable us to be very generous with discounts. Plus, we just want to say ‘Thanks’.

And then there are the Hub Customer discountshere. Up to 20% discounts off our standard prices for your dissemination to others. Just mention that this is how you’d like to do things when we contact you.

And then there are the various charities we support with wines just above cost for their events … East West Theatre, Mi-Fan Mama, BISS (puxi) PTA, Shanghai Repertory Theatre…

This was a SHORT TERM deal for 2 weeks:

15% discount is available at our standard prices for those spending ¥2500+ between March 27th and April 10th 2014 on any of our portfolio from our longlist PDF of ~800 wines or our limited selection at this site. E.g: A regular customer yesterday (April 8) ordered ¥5540 of our highly regarded wines to receive a massive ¥765 discount Club together or stock up for the summer…Open to existing customers only. Just mention that this is how you’d like to do things when we contact you.

That should be enough options…for now. Universal Rules: FOR PRIVATE BUYERS ONLY: no b2b TWM abridged April 7th

Please note: As a general policy, we reduce our standard price to sensible levels below those of excessive retailers and even give discounts on that. As we are already doing our utmost to offer great deals on proper products, stay in business, grow that business and offer a nice interaction (to boot) these offers are only applicable to private purchasers. b2b or customers requiring a fa paio are not eligible unless we charge the standard price plus a 7% surcharge added before a discount is calculated, which will then be dependent on the order size. This would bring our products in line with the retail way of doing things re price. After all, it’s the retail prices charged by those shops and other online agents that are too high in SH (and the poor state of some of their wines); not our standard prices and specials prices, which are already great. (We are not here to help corporate fat cat’s claim on their expenses, which sends up the prices for everybody else, and further widens the gap between rich and poor). Hope that makes sense and clarifies part of our rationale.

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